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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Originally Posted by tps
The Eco-flex 0030 that I used is below the SHORE A scale. The 00 before the 30 is the key. The 25 SHORE product you mentioned won’t be flexible enough to work at this mold thickness. Maybe if the sleeve was very thin? The wiki link below mentions a rubber band being 25A similar to the material posted above. Too stiff for this design.

  • Ecoflex® 00-30 - Shore 00-30 hardness (below the Shore A scale)

Wikipedia on shore durometer:

Hey TPS, I have found UK distributer, It costs a lot, Like someone mentioned in this thread, $100 or over. But I am willing to buy eco-flex and try it, I was just wondering, you mentioned dragonskin, this costs less and is rated at being hardness of 10A. So is it similar to eco-flex, which is 00-30. Is there a big difference between the two, Also I wanted to know one more thing, What is the thickness of the sleeve one can achieve with eco-flex 00-30. E.g. Could the thickness of the silicone cup/sleeve, be 1-2mm, or maybe even 10mm or more.

Thanks for your help so far!

The Dragonskin is on the other shore hardness scale so there is a good bit of difference and I don’t think it would work. I have some Dragonskin and didn’t recommend it way back when so I’m pretty sure it was a no go. My memory sucks though.

Sleeve thickness is not limited by the material, just your mold.

I’m on the same mission to try and find Silicone in the UK.

I came upon this:…it-2kg-74-p.asp

Data sheet:…ilGel10-new.pdf

I know it’s a bit harder than the 30 Shore 00 stuff you have, but with the aid of…-1-kg-139-p.asp
it seems to be possible to significantly drop the hardness. Although I’m not sure if it will have a big impact on the strength or longevity.

Any thoughts as to whether this is a possible option for us Brits?

Hey guys, I JUST got my hands on EcoFlex 0030, now I can’t wait to make the sleeves. I found a guy in the USA who ships worldwide, it cost me like £46-47 pound, which works out to like 67-68 dollars, (last weeks exchange rate). He also accepts paypal, which is great for most people. Anyway, I just received it on this thread.

Hello ppls!

I have found a supplier of latex in Leicester (UK), it’s call Dominoes toys, it s a massive 5 floor toy shop in the city center.

In the basement there is model making sowing stuff etc. They sell a 1-litre tube of latex – with “fixer” and it cost £11.00

Can you use latex to make a suitable sleeve? I thought there were issues with latex that meant that it wasn’t ideal?

If it works out ok then I guess that gives us a few more options.

I have found this thread to be very informative. Have been looking into doing this myself.How many sleeves would the 2lb kit make.


You started out with the 2lb kit right? You made all you wanted with that and passed it on to people to then make 2 each. So that was about 6 from the few you passed it on before it was lost. Or did you have more from your other experiments?

Lordbase what I’ve read about latex is that you need to ‘paint’ it on in layers, it can’t be poured like silicon rubber.

I tried to calculate how many closed sleeves could be made from 2lbs ecoflex 0030. Please correct me if I made a mistake :)

Inner diameter of outer PVC pipe 7/8”
Diameter of threaded galvanized pipe 3/8”
Length outer pipe 4¾”
Length inner pipe 4”
Specific volume ecoflex 0030 26”^3/lb

Volume of cylinder: pi x r^2 x l

Volume of 1 closed sleeve: pi((7/16)^2 x 4¾ - (3/16)^2 x 4) = 2.41 cubic inch

Volume of 2lbs rubber: 26 x 2 = 52 cubic inch

Amount of closed sleeves from 2 lbs: 52 / 2.41 = 21.6

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Oh shit, math! (: Having never made it to the bottom of the containers before giving them out, I can only guess Piet is damn close. Some material is left on the sides of the mixing containers and it’s pretty hard to mix the exact amount needed as I never wanted a partial filled mold or have to mix more in the middle of a pour.

Piet is also right in regards to the latex as all the stuff I’ve seen is air cured and needs to be layered. Tedious to say the least, so I never tried doing more than a few layers before chucking it.

Originally Posted by tps
Here are a few more ideas people can try when playing with these materials.

• On the left, I’ve placed the mesh material, like the old chinese finger trap, in the casting. This has some issues to work out, but I have tired of it and what I’ve already detailed in the above instructions works well. There’s a possible hanger in there somewhere.
• In the center is a two part casting. A more rigid silicone product at the top (pink), and the soft stuff below. This I really like but requires more materials and practice to pour. I’ve tried to simplify this project with both materials and methods so anyone can make these at home. There are a ton of options out there you all can play with, if you have a mind to. Putting the more rigid material in the middle and the softer stuff on the ends has the same effect as the cast piece on the far right and makes use a snap as you can roll up both ends.
• On the right, I’ve cast in strips of a more rigid material in an open ended sleeve. This could be worn without attaching anything as a way to keep the penis in a more extended state. If anyone plays with this, make sure the materials are compatible.
Another possibility that provides a little more comfort but sacrifices stealthiness is to insert a standard 1” pvc slip cap (same as is used for the mold) in the end of the tube. This spreads the pressure out across a larger area of the glans.

Hey TPS, I have made a couple of sleeves, and they turned out great, But I cannot seem to solve the problem of fluid buildup. Even if I tape up the the tip of my glans. I still get fluid buildup. I went back to read your instructions, and you mentioned,

“Another possibility that provides a little more comfort but sacrifices stealthiness is to insert a standard 1” pvc slip cap (same as is used for the mold) in the end of the tube. This spreads the pressure out across a larger area of the glans.”

Would this eliminate fluid buildup. And would you roll sleeve, put in pvc cap, then unroll onto penis?


First off, hats off to tps - brilliance.

I just got my silicone in the mail. If the truth be known, I just want to experiment with designs to make my existing equipment more comfortable. Silicone is much more comfy than most materials have used. Before the kit arrived, I had begun using a girth enhancer as a buffer between my skin and everything else.

Does anyone have any more designs/uses? I am just dying to play with this stuff. Someone mentioned a “jackoff device?” That’s a new one for me, any elaboration?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a modified pump sleeves?

Thanks again and hang well.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

Thank you for this post.

November 23, 2004 6 3/4" BPEL EG 5 1/4" Feb 17, 2011 BPEL 8" BPEL EG 6 1/8th"



Recently I’m having a lot of pain in the ass on trying to make an ads that doesn’t cut-off the circulation, that’s why this thread drew me interest.

I already have mostly all the materials to make these sleeves, but I was wondering..

Have you all tried this ads?

How much help did it give you on gains?

Search for ADS there are several threads regarding this.

November 23, 2004 6 3/4" BPEL EG 5 1/4" Feb 17, 2011 BPEL 8" BPEL EG 6 1/8th"


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