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Silicone Sleeves - Make your own

Big surprise, the kit disapeared. I sent the last of my supplies off too so I can’t even offer you that. :( Sometimes, even if not the handiest of people, it’s good to just jump in and go. Maybe try building a mold before spending the $$ on the silicone material. Couple bucks at Home Depot is all it’d take and the only downside would be slicing your hand with the exacto knife. ;)

But then how’d I jelq and stretch?

Guess I’ll just have to give it a go.

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Tps, a big thank you for this thread!

I am not a handy man, most of my DIY jobs end with me calling in a professional :) It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to make my own silicone sleeves before reading your instructions, and I was still a bit unsure whether I could pull it off.

My smooth-on kit arrived last week and I made a trip to the hardware store to buy the various bits of pvc/clay etc.

I have had lots of fun since then. Your instructions were easy to follow and the smooth-on silicone worked great. I have made heaps of sleeves/rings/bands and even a “jack-off” thing!

I started out by making the pvc mold as you described, but as I experimented further with one off molds, I just started anchoring the pvc bits into a base of clay and using blue-tack/putty and electrical tape to seal it. In the end I was just using anything I could find. The “jack-off” thing was made using a fruit juice bottle inside a ketchup bottle! The clay/blue-tack molds only lasted for one use, and the edges of the silicone did not come out as nice as the proper mold, but it was sure easy to experiment with.

I did get lots of small bubbles and a few big bubbles in the first sleeve I made. Subsequent to that, I got very few bubbles. After that first sleeve, I did think about a vacuum device, but it seemed too hard. I saw after the first sleeve how much time I had, so I stirred the two parts together very gently for around 10 mins. I then let it sit for another 10 mins, occasionally holding an electric toothbrush next to it to vibrate out bubbles. I then poured it slowly, stopping a couple of times for each mold to let any bubbles rise. This seemed to do the trick. Another thing that came to mind is that my smooth-on kit arrived via air courier. I used it the day it arrived. I wonder if being at altitude or changing altitude introduced bubbles into one of the parts? (Both seals were broken when I got it).

Also, I found blue-tack to be very useful. It separated nicely from the silicone and was handy to plug up parts of the mold that leaked.

I am not sure what I am going to do with all these sleeves and other things, but already I have found that one of the sleeves seems to work better for me as a constriction sleeve when using monkeybar’s vacads.

I made a larger sleeve (inner diameter=26mm, length=150mm .. Outer diameter 38mm, length=180mm) as an experiment, thinking that I would cut it in half for a closed and open sleeve. Before cutting it, I put it on my flaccid. Unfortunately my flaccid does not fill it up (yet!). The process of rolling it up had squeezed the air out of the top half of the sleeve and I found that this created a light vaccum that kept the sleeve firmly on. A lot of silicone went into it and the weight of it made my flaccid hang down with a nice light stretch. I made a second one with a bolt hole through the mold so that in future I could attach more weight. Not very stealthy (unless you want it to appear is if you have a 7” flaccid!) but an interesting low stress ADS option.

I have attached pics of all the things I made, and the various things that went into my molds.

Once again tps, thank you for this thread and sharing your experience. I have had a great time playing around with the silicone and the results will be very useful for my PE!

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Only problem is that it isn’t quite the typical DIY project that you call over the boys to check out once it’s done.

“Hey guys, c’mon over and check out my new 8” cock- I made it myself with this nifty homemade silicone sleeve… .”

Although that said, I’ve turned on a few guys to PE & TP, and have become a quiet preacher for the PE faith.

WE are the 99% 'WE are the people you depend on; we cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls. We drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Don't f&ck with us'-- Madame DeFarge

"Rope trades @$10 a yard. I wonder if they even know that?"- Capitalist

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I think he now has the bug tps, what do you think?

I do, but I ran out of ideas before I ran out of silicone. You get a lot from those trial packs.

Originally Posted by androNYC
Only problem is that it isn’t quite the typical DIY project that you call over the boys to check out once it’s done.

You can still show them off at Thunders :)

Eco flex 30

Hi there am trying to get hold of Eco flex 30 in the UK and have been quoted nearly 100 dollars for the same thing as you paid 25 dollars. Smooth on will not send from the USA but the company that sells locally here want nearly 100 dollars. Do you know any way of getting cheaper? My other question was whether you tried Eco flex 50 or whether that was too strong. Thanks.

Awstev, here is a nice way to get rid of the air bubbles:

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.In case you didn’t run out of silicon yet ;)

Thanks panas! Interesting video and a good tip. One thing that stood out was that the smooth-on kit that tps recommended was a lot easier to mix than the silicone used in the video. He was weighing the different parts. I just poured until the two parts looked about the same. Very easy to work with. All my silicone is gone now, but I am sure that down the road I will have another go at this.

tintin, I am in Australia and ended up paying the equivalent of $US75. Even still, I feel that I got great value for money, although it would have been nice to find it a bit cheaper. I came across some locally made silicones, but felt it was best to spend the extra and go with the recommended kit.

Hi Guys I am in the same situation as TinTin. TPS would you mind if the current person, or next person to receive it (of course only if they didn’t mind) were to make an additional one for me, which they could out to me. I would more then happily make a donation to thunders for however much you thought appropriate.

I would really appreciate one of these unfortunately I cannot get the materials to make it

The shared kit is long gone. I’m surprised how expensive the eco-flex is in other countries and can attempt to put together something where I can send the material cheaper. Unfortunately shipping overseas is expensive on it’s own, up to the cost of the silicone itself. It actually might be less expensive to buy one of Monkeybar’s sleeve ads from You wouldn’t get as many sleeves as you could out of a trial kit of the eco-flex, but it’d be complete.

tintin, the eco-flex 50 is too rigid for this purpose. I’ve tried nearly every durometer and even custom adjusted with additives and the eco-flex 0030 is what you want.

Would you mind putting me together a Kit tps. I was going to purchase one of your Redi stretchers so maybe I could hit both birds with one stone. Fingers crossed.


I would be interested in a sleeves kit please let me know what you could do.


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