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Signs of growth

Signs of growth

To all the good gainers that notice some signs before a growth in either length or girth has any one seen any specific details to noticing that there will be a big increase in one of the two coming, for example a longer stretch while stretching?

I think when the numbers start increasing on the ruler you are definitely making progress.

Ha, yea thats always a good sign

I’ve also noticed quite a bit of hair creeping up my shaft since I have made gains via PE. I don’t know how telling of real gains that may be though, it could be just from skin stretching due to manual stretches.

Yea…Hair creep. Longer than previously measured BPFSL….Better flaccid hangs.

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I’ve noticed hair creep, too. I’ve also noticed, when flaccid, narrow wrinkles that run around the circumference of the shaft. I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Anybody else notice that?

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I have also noticed narrow wrinkles. I think they’re stretch marks.

Yeah now that I think about it, that is another thing I have noticed with the little wrinkles. Nice, it’s working!

Yea I get that hair creep thing to, I was wondering why hair was further up my shaft now. Good stuff I notice other changes but I’m not sure if it is cause of the PE or not.

The thing about the wrinkles, I think they’re signs of girth increases, rather than lengthening. I have quite a bit of extra skin, length-wise. I’d be a good candidate for foreskin restoration.

Really, I don’t care what they’re a sign of, as long as they’re a sign of growth! :thumbs:

I have hair nearly halfway down shaft and wondered, now I know and as far as wrinkles that is a sure sign.

It is definitely growth.

Hmm, I am not sure, but I know that now I get raging hard boners now that I have gotten back into jelqing.

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