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Sick and tired of.....


sick and tired of.....

I’m fed up with hearing “not too deep”… I can’t do the doggy position without hearing this shit. I personally think that anything over 7.5” is just for visual pleasure. I’ve been with 5 dif. girls in the past month and all five of them told me not to go in so deep. And ALL the girls I’ve been with in the past said the exact same shit. They either hold me back, or tell me not to go in so deep. Now this is after a heavy foreplay session so it can’t be that they are not ready.

I conclude that once you hit 7.5” in length you should shift your focus onto girth. Trust me hearing “not too deep” all the fucking time is no fun.

Or can it be that I just have no luck and meet chicks with “little” pussies?

Now that I let out some of my frustrations can someone tell me the names of great girth exercises, I’m switching to a girth only routine, if I get some length that’ll be cool. But I want/need that extra inch in girth.

-Rational Dreamer

I’ve had the same thing as well… For me I’ve had the best luck with dog style position for putting it in all of the way… Standard Missionary position does not work well but dog style, oh yeah… Did the last five you did take it in the ass?

Bro, you gotta keep in mind that the average length of the vagina is about 6”. I don’t care about what you might see in porn flicks, but that’s what it is.

There’s always the exception to the rule, though, meaning some girls like ‘em big, can’t get enough of them. But, speaking from my own experience, the last 3 GF’s I had complained about me bottoming out. It a nice compliment but not very helpful to the girl, during sex. It’s painful for her when you hit the cervix. So, my advice, chill and enjoy the view ;)

Make it huge....!

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Originally Posted by HeavyHitter
Or can it be that I just have no luck and meet chicks with “little” pussies?

Since when is that a bad thing? lol

Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy
Did the last five you did take it in the ass?

I knew that question was coming, but seriously did they?

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

:cry: :cry: :cry: Wah wah wah, It’s such a hard life having a big dick.

You will get no sympathy from me ;) . But seriously, good luck with the girth, I think once you hit 6” they won’t care how deep you are!

Also have you tried short, deep thrusts rather than longer, harder, porno-slamming type thrusts? Have you tried finding the fornix/cds? I’m sure you have but just thought I would ask, there’s quite a few cds threads around here, giving us all motivation.


I’m so glad my girlfriend just moans in extacy when I hit her bottom!! I am about 7.5 BP and girth is around 6, I think. I better find or buy a measuring tape, so I can check my girth at occations. It’s starting to get pretty fat from all these jelqs! :)

When my ‘chick’ is really turned on (like the other day for example) she will take every single fucking inch and feel no pain, even a good cervix bashing is nothing to yelp about when she is craving the cock….

That is in missionary. Because of my downwards curve, in this position, I am sure that it goes directly into that deepest posterior pocket. In doggy style, I can NEVER get it all the way in, again because of the curve, it goes right into the shallower anterior pocket.

She told me that I “Beat her up so good” ;)
That’s well worth all the “not too deep“‘s I get when she’s not at her peak…

One thing my wife and I need to be careful of doing doggie, and I’m not sure this is common, is the amount of air that goes in. She sometimes queefs, but we’ve noticed the queefing increases when her butt’s higher than her shoulders and I let my (dick) head play in and out at the entrance. Once the air goes in any kind of deep thrusting hurts. And I’m only 6” NBP (5.5” girth).

One variant of doggie we like is where she’s laying face down and I’m inside riding high so the underside of my cock head grinds down hard on her g-spot/front wall of her pussy.

I think “is it in” is a worse thing to hear. Just in my humble opinion.

Here is a great girth exercise called Girth Blasters. Give it a try, it is very powerful, so take it easy at first.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique


I have pretty much been able to hit bottom on every chick I have been with in the last year at 8.5 so I would think 8 is pretty much the magic number. I’m still going for 9 for that extra cushion and for when I take time off if I have any size lost I will never be below 8

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I would prefer that to having heard “deeper” when there was no more.

How does a woman having a hysterectomy change the ability to hit bottom?

Depends on the type of hysterectomy. If it’s a partial where the cervix is not removed, it should not change anything (the vagina and cervix are still in the same place, and there is no geometric change.

On a total hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and cervix (does not include the ovaries)) the usual reports are 1/2” to 1” loss of length (things shorten up where they removed the cervix from the vaginal wall and closed it up.

Some doctors will recommend that women use stents after total hysterectomy to prevent/reduce scaring and to keep the vaginal size that the want.

Hope that helps.

Hm…maybe try getting with taller girls. The taller the chick, the longer the waist, and the more length internally as well…theoretically anyway :)


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