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Hey guys, I am only 4.5” girth and 5.5” length… But most of the time when flacid my penis shrivels up LOTS and my balls do too, sometimes the skin on my balls gets so tight that it pulls my balls up into my body.

Is there anyway I can prevent this from happening to my penis and balls? would be very embarrassing if anybody saw this.

Thank you all so much.

I have been doing the “Thera P Wrap” “thing”, it can be bought in Walmart, it’s in the section where there are elbow, ankle, wrist wraps.

There are other threads on this if you do a search. Basically, it is velcro, and you wrap it around the bottom of your entire package. Dont wrap it too tight, nor too loose.

I have also used the self adhesive wrap for this.

It’s very comfortable to wear all day, keeps blood flow focused into your package, and keeps him “extroverted”.

Good luck.


SixerMan gives a good recommendation. Since you’re in Scotland, you’re note going to be able to get it easily. Google using terms such as “Homedics” and “Thera-P” and you should find some places online that do it.

My advice would be a near-daily routine starting with lots of hot wrapping followed by medium intensity jelqing. This helped me a lot.

Also, when you go to the toilet, or just when you have privacy, tug a bit on the whole package to encourage it to lower.

Finally, wear warmer underwear!

You have to train your turtle to become a snake. That means that whenever it has the tendency to hide like a turtle, you stretch it out. Typical times for this are during and after your shower, after taking a dump, and before or after taking a piss. Basically, whenever you see it hiding and have the opportunity, stretch it out and fill it with some blood. All of this is hopefully supplementing your existing hot wrap and jelq routine, or whatever PE routine you are into right now. But jelqing is excellent for this.

This has worked for me. I am an ex-turtle dick.


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