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Hi, I have been doing PE for about 1 month and 1 week. Although, my flaccid length looks longer most of the time it sometimes goes back to its schrunchy former self. Why is this?


I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Maybe because you’ve only been at this for 5 weeks?

We all want overnight success. I did, too. But you have set yourself, as have the rest of us, on a course of tissue growth through certain specific stresses.

It occurs to me just now how very slowly, for example, nerve tissue regrows and/or expands. I wouldn’t want a longer/thicker dick I couldn’t feel all of. Take your pleasure in every 1/8th of an inch. Add these up later and you will have something different from now that may well be worth the wait and effort.



Flaccid changes

As mentioned above, they do take time. You will notice it will become it’s scrunchy self less and less. You penis has always shrunk at times and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. Yesterday for example, my little chappy took a beating. Through PE (hanging) several sessions and through other exercises a couple of times throughout the day (you can imagine). Actually, he was a little sore, and I wasn’t surprised not to get a morning woody this morning.

Getting to the point, when I dropped my trou to put on the ball ringer, I came across the smallest flaccid I have seen far a while. Thinnish and a quite wrinkled. I couldn’t resist measuring it, and it turned out it was the size of a GOOD flaccid before I began PE. I tried to look at it objectively, and although it wasn’t big, I realised it was OK.

Conclusion…you will have good days and bad…we all know how much it can vary.



I still have bad flaccid days in my eyes, but my bad days are better than my old good days and my good days now are great.
And sometimes I have scary good days when the bad boy will really be a site to see.


You also have to drink alot of water (reccommended daily intake) to have a good flaccid hang….So drink up or shrink up!!!

Bad days, good days, and scary days.

Aw hell yeah.

Hey Alrdybig

Could you elaborate a little more about the effects of plenty of water and flaccid hang? Just curious. What are the principles behind it?


Goodwood :chuckle:

GW, it’s basically the same principle behind having a good or lame pump from weightlifting, given the same amount of exertion.

Blood volume is enhanced by hydration. If you’re well-hydrated and go work out (assuming you know what you are doing), you’ll have a nice, healthy pump. Low on H2O and same workout? Lame pump, maybe even flat look.

Same principle to the flaccid hang. It’s about circulation, which is about blood, which in this case is about volume. More water, more volume, to a point.

God. I’m drinking as much as I can hold! :-)



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