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Shrinkage has nothing on me

Shrinkage has nothing on me

When I started PE, I purely wanted more size when erect. Before I started seeing any erect gains, I saw some gains when flaccid. As it turns out, I went from 2-2.5 inches flaccid length to about 4 inches, the girth’s better too. Its pretty incredible. Hot day, cold day, after sex…didn’t matter, I kept above 3.5 or 4 inches.

Well last night, judgment day came. My girlfriend was watching tv in my room and I went to take a shower and the hot water was all out. Thats right, cold shower. Too my surprise, NO SHRINKAGE! I think my penis is starting to hold a lot more blood at all times, it always feel engorged. I thought I was gonna have to change in the bathroom after a cold shower, but instead, I strutted my naked a** back into my room. I really think that my girlfriend has noticed a difference, but she’s afraid to ask.


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I noticed the same thing. But the heavy stretching routine im on now has me in shrink mode quite a bit.

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Re: Shrinkage has nothing on me

Originally posted by TheSkeptic
Thats right, cold shower. Too my surprise, NO SHRINKAGE!

I remember at about 7-8 months in I did an air conditioning test. I was amazed too that there was minimal if no shrinky-dink effect.

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Mine’s definitely bigger and more reliable recently too. I’ve been doing a lot of jelqing with the PJ and just added A stretches.

Someone here a little while ago said “blood penis or flesh penis” instead of “grower and shower”

I think this is fairly accurate. It feels a lot more solid and not just like a bag for holding blood that only hangs a little bigger when there is more blood.

The only problem is I’m so used to being ~4 inches flaccid, this doesn’t look like much to me anymore even though it’s an improvement.


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