New to PE.

I have some concerns. Is anyone willing to help me?

Before I started PE my NBP erection length was 6.5 on a good day and 6in on others. Depending on how horny I was. It would fluctuate from 6 to 6.5

Now here’s my dilemma. The other day I measured at 5.5in and today just above 5in.

Not sure what’s going on. But I’m getting smaller not bigger.

When I do my PE and stretches it seems to be working.

My cock looks bigger when I’m done. Like engorged.

Hangs nice. But a month has gone by since I started and when I took new measurements they were smaller then when I started.

Most guys seems to be getting good gains in the first month to 3 months.

Not me?? Why?

Here is my routine

10 min warm up

10 to 15 min 30% flaccid wet jelqs

20 min 70% election wet jelqs

10 min stretching either before or after while flaccid or in the shower. When ever I can really

2 weeks in I started a light pumping no more then 2 min pumped then release then pump again for 2 min. Cycle for 10 to 15 min dynamic pumping from my understanding

3rd week in started to throw in some dry jelqs.

Really I’m trying to keep my dick guessing.

Then 10 warm down period

All my sessions have lasted about 45 min to an hour.

Rest days are weird.

If I jelq one morning I won’t jelq again until the following night so 35 hours in between jelq sessions

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong. I was told I didn’t need anymore than 24 hour rest period. Is my routine too much? I do a Lil bit of everything but only in an hours time max. And that’s including the 20 min warm up/down

I have experienced harder erections. Morning wood and night wood like crazy. Even my flaccid looks bigger fatter feels heaver. But this is not transferring to my erection level. I’m so confused and stumped.

No pun needed. I have felt I’ve dun adequate research as this is my only dick. Thanks for the help guys.