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Showing Off!!!


Showing Off!!!

Guys (and gal), a strange thought has been germinating in my brain. At 40 years old I have had a small dick all my life. I have never been comfortable in situations where I would be naked and flacid as my flacid state didn’t even look big enough to produce the 5.25” dick I USED to have. Now, I have only gained .75” but I am confident in more. Not to mention that my average flaccid state is a good 1 to 2 inches bigger already ;) This has lead me to suspect I will want to show it off! I really want to see the looks on the faces of a few ex-girlfriends… none of them complained… BUT, big fun! (pun intended)

I guess it is kinda like the small titted girl that gets a boob job and ends up showing MORE people than she would have thought of. Heck, I gotta be careful not to show any of my buddies wives… (hot tubs and drinking can produce some interesting opportunities) I already get the feeling some of them like me more than they should. NOT that I would “do” any of them out of respect for my friendships but, hey, talk about getting people pissed off, bad enough having their wives flirting and complementing… Now, there is ONE EX-wife of a good buddy… hmmm… probably still a bad idea.

Guess I am just rambling, still is hard to believe I will even HAVE anything to show off!

Hey NE,

I know how you feel, for 49 years I used to have a very small flaccid too, and since it became a BIG one , I am a happier man, I feel it in my pants 24/7 and it makes a nice bulge, the women at work started noticing it and I get a lot of attention lately…also I am a lot more comfortable when naked. Thank God for PE, it helped me make some erect+girth gains but the incredible increase in flaccid state is the thing that has made the greatest change for me till now.

Keep up the good work, NE, but don’t let it go to your head. You can fantasize about any woman as much as you want but be careful with your friends’ wives! (I’m sure you know that)…


I know what your saying about girls at work, I got this hot chick at work but I heard she was a size queen she didn’t give met the time of day for three years that I have known her, She seems to date only black guys I have heard she does them right at work. Well anyway I was all fluffed from jelq squeezes and ran into her at the lunchroom and she zoomed right into my unit since than she has been my best friend she even bought me candy . On the down side every time I think I’m going to see her I have to fluff my dick! Oh well I guess this is how girls feel when they have to fix there makeup.


Yeah my buddy that I run around with is the type that always has to be the best in bed, have the biggest dick, the best package presentation in the wranglers, the strongest arm wrestler, the best race car driver blaw, blaw, blaw. My flaccid gains for me have been nice. He just hangs around at about 4.5” x 4.5” looks good for me. So I’m gonna pull one on my buddy and make him wonder if he does have the biggest dick. I took out a pair of wranglers yesterday and pulled my dick out the leg of my tighty-wighties. Then put the jeans on and run him down the leg, oh yeah looked good, If you didn’t know any better you would think I had jack hammer in there when he got hard. Come on racing season.

Ever since I’ve started doing PE, I’m getting those random semi erections, especially when walking in the street ;)

It’s quite embarassing when people stare at my crotch… how do you guys deal with that ?



Happens sometimes after a Pe workout when I’m hanging real good and I can really feel my dick in my pants even walking and the movement of my pants is enough to give me a semi. It’s funny I’m still not happy with my flaccid size I can have days when I don’t think it looks big at all. But it hardly looks small anymore to me but some days it doesn’t look big. But I notice sometimes now I have position my unit in my jeans to be less noticeable when at I’m at work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Oh the flaccid ravings of a Mad Man who thinks about his dick much to much!


flaccidity really is a crummy thing. any one particular public incident can make or break your reputation depending on the mood of the temperamental little bastard.
mine personally can shrink down to a tiny size, if anyone saw this little thing on me, say, after coming out of cold water or something, they would think much less of me, but if they walked in on me masturbating, there would probably be a whole heap more rumours floating around about me than I would want.
wouldn’t it be a perfect world where every guy’s shrunk down to exactly the same size? would certainly cause alot less unnecessary trauma IMHO
what was I talking about? I forget. lol oh yes - dino, sometimes I look at it and think it’s not really very big, hell sometimes I look at it and think it’s pretty damn small…. but I always get over it, even if at the back of my mind there is a nagging thought saying “there is much bigger in the world, there are guys who dont know of PE who are bigger naturally!” which is a little annoying

Penister - I can understand that its a little embarrassing walking down the street and having strangers glance at your crotch, but have you ever experienced this same thing with friends? family?! I have. It is certainly quite embarassing. You can’t exactly say “stop it” or say “would you like a closer look?” can you?
oh dear… hahaha


Yeah, women definitely “check” out guys… just not as obviously as we check out them :D In my oppinion it is LESS embarrasing to have them gawking at the size than giggling at the lack of any! And, some women do not DEMAND a big dick while others do. My ex-girlfriend and I had dinner over the weekend and I told her about my PE progress. She is being GOOD and declined my live presentation offer ;) She did say that she really liked the way my “old” penis fit inside her as it hit the G spot perfectly on her. I told her not to worry that I could still make the magic happen :D (She still gets me hot, 5 foot 5, 115 lbs, great muscle tone and pretty tits. My buddies wife told me she looks better than her 18 year old hottie daughter… not bad for a 41 year old grandma!)

As far as size of the flaccid member goes. It is kinda like bodybuilding. I have been weight training for 32 years (not a typo) and have at times been pretty big. Of course our minds quickly adjust and we expect to be as BIG as our best pump. AND with real muscle, when you stop training it, it SHRINKS. At least with our dicks the erect state is fairly constant. I guess optimistically speaking ALWAYS getting BIGGER!!!

A funny thought just occured. A couple years back when training REAL hard I did get the feeling that people stopped looking at me as a person and more as just MUSCLE. Of course the bigger my muscle mass the smaller my dick looked :( Also, people definitely give you less credit for brains when the brawn is developed. I can guess in a way it could be the same for having a big UNIT, people may stop thinking of you as a person and more as just a big DICK ;)


>I can guess in a way it could be the same for having a big UNIT, people may stop thinking of you as a person and more as just a big DICK <

You are so right. I’ve met a few guys with very large equipment who are so shy and/or hung-up about it. I guess owning a big penis is very different if it’s always been the brunt of jokes since you were a child. And then there’s the whole issue of being a sex object. Being a sex object is fine but, if that’s all there is, it’s a very hollow existence.

Personally, I just want a big penis. I’ll deal with the other issues if/when they arise. If you are mature about it, I really believe it could be a substantial asset.

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Yea, I think a lot of how you view yourself has to do with your maturity/personal image. I personally LOVE any attention I get that’s focused to me or my penis. I dont wear tight jeans but I do have a “nice package” in my Levi 560s. I usually tuck in whatever shirt I’m wearing as well. I guess I’ve got the mind set that my penis is a part of me and natural….just like a woman has breasts. Some women have really big breasts and they usually get more visual attention that other women….ok, so what’s wrong with that right? I have a bigger than average penis and so it shows more than most men….whats wrong with that? I dont care what people think…thats their right to think whatever and what THEY think is none of MY business! I never go out of my way to hide my penis’s appearance. It’s there and it’s there to stay. Why should I be ashamed or “embarrassed”? I think that would be silly. LOL, if I do happen to get a “chubb” or full on “boner” for that matter…I just ride it out untill it settles down. If I happen to be in public when it happens thats ok too. It doesnt mean I’m aroused mentally…its just my body doing its’ natural thing right? I wear myself down and to the right…always have even pre PE. I CAN’T hide my package either….if I wear myself down like always, it’s there if I pull it up…its still there…in fact it is even more visible ….rather than slightly down my leg it turns into a big lump on my pelvis….so I guess I’m just screwed either way…..SIGH whoa is meeee. I need my ”big penis support group” waaaa. LOL later guys.


Your right bro all the work you have done you should walk proud
The only time I try to play down the dick a little is when I go to a meeting with the boss he’s BI and I heard into s&m big time.
I ain’t looking to be his bitch or him mine. Lucky I only have to hook up with him once a week. This is the luck I have I can’t have a hot looking babe for boss that want’s to get spanked I have a short fat balding crazy man with a napoleon complex that wants to get spanked. Whoa is me, other than that he’s not a bad boss.


LOL funny indeed Dino….feel for ya though! I’m glad I can’t identify with that! A bi boss with a spanking S&M fetish…LOL!!! Ya know…Elizabeth Hurley (one of Gods’ MANY gifts to men!) has a spanking club somewhere in the UK or England (dont recall which) where grown men pay good money to have some babe come spank them. “That’s just not my bag baby!”


I had to post on this one. You said:

>I guess I’ve got the mind set that my penis is a part of me and natural….just like a woman has breasts. Some women have really big breasts and they usually get more visual attention that other women….ok, so what’s wrong with that right? I have a bigger than average penis and so it shows more than most men….whats wrong with that? <

That struck a chord with me. After I really got big and started “showing”, I would become self conscious about the package. Especially when I would catch women looking. Almost felt naked a couple of times. Then, I had the exact same thought. Fuck it, they can just deal with it. Now, I just ignore the looks. I know they are looking and that’s just fine.

Of course, I always check the fit in the mirror before going out, but I do not try to ‘enhance’ anything. However, I have found boxers under sweatpants to be fairly wicked.



My last gf had very very (very) big breasts, and she isn’t fat, so she pretty much looks like an enhanced Lara Croft.
Being with her for six months, I can tell now that big breats, for some, is definetly not all fun. When she’s walking down the street, all the men stare at her breasts, people don’t glance at them, they wow-those-are-big-breasts!-stare. She talked more then once on how she wants to have a breast reduction, but she won’t do it. Not to mention those back pain from carrying those. (oh fear that lower back pain when you’ll have a 20 inch flaccid dick :) ) So umm just wanted to write that :)

Today at a family dinner a family friend (woman) glanced at my crotch. Hope I’ll get used to it. Is it me or women have these very fast crotch-glances ? Well, maybe it isn’t that fast with a really big bulge.


You’ll get used to it or have to get a reduction. LOL, just kidding. The glances depend on the woman. I havent had any just downright stair at my crotch YET but I have noticed glances especially when walking around shopping malls.


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