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Showing Off!!!


Originally posted by Bib

Of course, I always check the fit in the mirror before going out, but I do not try to 'enhance' anything. However, I have found boxers under sweatpants to be fairly wicked.


Wickedness is Sport Jeans ( They have a built-in silk-lined pouch to give lots of ball room and are very comfortable. I was self-conscious for a while, but now what the heck - I’m not flaunting it or forcing it on anyone, just enjoying not getting my nuts crunched.


Still, you crack me up! A big penis therapy support group… Hahahahaha! Good luck finding any takers. Most men FANTASIZE about that “problem”. Even Bib, with his “John Holmes” package is NOT complaining.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I for one am very pleased to even CONSIDER this problem… sheeeesh…

Also, can’t you just hear the conversation that women would be having…(gosh, my husband is just TOO big) oh, to be a “fly on the wall” observing that. Of course the girlfriend would be sympathetic and all the while wondering if she can get a sample for herself!!!

While I am writing this I just remembered a thought I had last night while viewing some hot porn sites (yeah, yeah between girlfriends leaves few options)…. anyway, back to the thought… I realized that I have long had a FEAR of women with larger than average pussies. The fear is the the inability to satisfy them. In fact my last girlfriend (very tight) has a nympho girlfriend that DEMANDS a big dick. According to my ex, this girl has STOPPED dates once she found out a guy wasn’t hung… talk about a small dick guys nightmare. So, apparently my fear has not been without foundation. Thank GOD not all women feel this way. Thank GOD for PE so I can loose this concern.


Hey Not,
There actually used to be a Large Penis Support Group Forum. Pretty active too. Had a hell of a lot of bullshitters though. Some of the guys were truthful and some of their problems I should have. :D

Stillwantmore raised some hell over there for a couple of days, until he got tired of the BS I believe.

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people lie way too much. whats the point?? especially on the net where it’s anonymous!! I just dont get people.

Yea the LPSG was a crock mostly. Way too many bullshitters. I mean guys claiming to be teenagers or pre pubescents with 15 inch (not a typo) FLACCID penises…..testicles that were 26 inches around (I shit you guys not….there was some guy/kid there claiming that)…..there probably were a FEW genuine men there with social issues related to their penises…whether they were actually as well equipped (naturally as most of them claimed) is beyond me….although not totally unbelievable (I mean comon John Holmes was a real man). I guess the most unbelievable part of the whole idea of a LPSG was the fact that so many men with such large penises could have somehow all migrated to one forum on the internet. ;) ;) And yes, the LPSG was the basis of my sarcastic coment about whoa is me I might need a support group.

I’ve been PEing for almost a year and Love the feel of my new cock. Occasionally I’ll think, “whos dick is this?” when I catch a glimpse on the way to the shower or wherever. Wonderfull! Even better is to get a stare from a stranger. Before I was just a few wrinkles of skin and no cock when flacid. Now I’m 3 to 4 inches and meaty when flacid. And show a bulge!


You took the words right out of my mouth!


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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Weenie Shrinkage

The reason peckers shrink at different rates has to do with genetics. If you’re European, you will experience more “at the beach shrinkage” because Europeans have developed the shrink reflex to protect from frostbite. The Africans developed in a warm climate where there is no danger of pecker loss. It is actually to their advantage to hang long and loose to provide more surface area for cooling the unit. So if you’re white, expect to be a “grower” rather than a “show’er”.


This was the exact same topic I was discussing to ucla61a, dom, and a visitor called martin the other day…..

the theory is confirmed by surveys - anyone know what happened to the one btw????

in several surveys I’ve seen that the black and white versions are very simmilar averages when erect, not enough to prove the “black is bigger” multitude of jokes, but rather, the black guys get much less shrinkage….. and I figured due to exactly that reason - it’s the genetics that’ve been shaped by the climate where your ancestors are from. (reguardless, african americans especially tend to rate themselves ‘endowed’ more frequently than whites even though the evidence refutes this)

It doesn’t really make sense for a certain ethnic background to have bigger ones than others, unless their ancestors practiced some kind of ‘minimum penile dimension for marriage’ laws hehehe - 8 inches or more or you’re neutered on the spot! lol…
can you imagine what the average of those people would be today? wowsers hehehe

I use to think that women are vain about themselves, but I know we men must be up there too and “that’s a good thing”.

Likewise, in the last 6 months or so I have noticed more glances at my crotch as well. I’m not sure that I am packaging better, but maybe I am more aware of the looks that I am getting.

Could it be that I have lost 30 Lbs and at the same time put on more muscle by working out? I’m 55 and in the last 6 weeks I’ve had 2 women ask if I was single and that I was a good looking guy. Gads, that’s the most compliments I have had in the last 10 years, maybe more.

Yes I’m definatly going to keep this up and I do like the glances, make me feel more confident than ever and if I show off GREAT.

Regards Canuck


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