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Showing it off under your pants

Showing off the package lol

You have to be careful, sometimes you just dont realize how visable the thing really is. I dont wear underwear, not to show off the package but for comfort. My wife said to me recently while we were getting dressed to go to one of my family parties. She said “put on underware, I’m sure you’re mom and sister dont want to see you’re package”.

I know I show when I’m sitting, but I didnt think anyone that wasnt looking for it could see it. She also makes sure I wear underwear when we go to the gym.

We are talking about women, just because their eyes arent bulging doest mean they dont see anything.

I still like the thread and think it’s funny as hell what you guys are doing!

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

The male sex has been subject to the insane distraction of the female form for long enough. Of course loving every minute of it!

Its about time the girls become dumbstruck too, why not get our own back? :-) (don’t know how to do smilies yet)

I did it for awhile, but it seems kind of like false advertisement

I mostly agree with CB. I’m more than happy to “enhance” my package a bit with regular pumping and/or clamping, and with a bit of help from the liquid C. But I wouldn’t want, say, to pump my dick too much; just the help of regular exercise and the C. I certainly wouldn’t want to use a strap, or anything like that.

Basically, I’d like to be able to drop trousers and show the gal what I’ve really got! :D

Originally Posted by tsiwt
Yesterday and today I had to wear some loose but tight pants and I notice that my bulge shows threw the thin material , I didin’t mind . I looked in the mirror at my body in profile and my cock was obviously extended .

I walked in college all day noticing girls looking at my bulge some where to obvious , and it made me more
Exited . Others just stared and followed with the eyes the outline my cock head made in the material . SOme where catatonic . It’s fun.

Yeah some girls are dick hungry , and it’s funny to catch them looking.

You are a bit of an exhibitionist, aren’t you? ;)

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Hey, if you are going to do it, do it right. Wear two pounds of lead under your sweats and jog the tread mill on ladies night. ;)

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Hey, if you are going to do it, do it right. Wear two pounds of lead under your sweats and jog the tread mill on ladies night. ;)

That and other stories from the same thread were really funny :)
Was it you who dropped the weights in front of some old lady? And told her they are cock rings :)
That was really funny BG, if you remember where the post is please put a link for us.

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In Sweden, or at least where I live, it is considered dirty and gross to have a defined bulge. I haven’t heard it from all the girls, but many.
Too bad, as I like to show of too… :)

At it may be a problem in 4-5 years of excessive PE:ing.

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Yesterday and today I had to wear some loose but tight pants

How do you wear loose but tight pants???

Wonderbra the same thing. Besides this is a very funny post, keep it going.

I used to pump a lot, I also use it before sex with my gf. She knows about it and enjoys the extra girth. Until I can get my girth to about 6” or 6 1/4”, I’ll continue to pump before sex. Anyway, at the gym I wear sweats and briefs. So here I am walking around with huge dudes all around me, I have a decent body, but not big, but my bulge is rather big if I pumped that day. I get plenty of looks, especially if I am laying down on a bench. Its a lot of fun, I notice women looking down as opposed to straight in the eyes.

Depending on what I’m wearing, I get a lot of looks from women, including at the gym. But these looks are often very furtive. If a woman sees you watching her check you out, she’ll turn away. Or most will. I suppose most men do this too; I know I do. Vulgarity is vulgarity, after all. So I’ve never got the obvious stares or smiles from women. But if you’re observant, out of the corner of your eye you can watch them watching you.

I understand why some cultures might prefer discrete packaging for men down there. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the “Look, there it is” type of bulge, either on men or women. I just bought some new, very expensive designer trousers. Kenneth Cole. They are cut low on the waist, and they are very tailored in the butt, on the legs, and in the crotch area. I really like them because they make me look thin, and the low-cut waist suits my body type much better than the standard, higher cut trousers. I am told that this cut is the latest fashion, even for dressier trousers, even for some suits! But these trousers may be too “tailored” for my taste; my bulge is very obvious in them. Wearing them does make me feel a little dirty, and crude. The sales person in the Bloomingdale’s where I bought them is a gay man. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw me in them. He did stare, for a very, very long time. I like the casual glances from women. But this may be too much. At least, this lets me appreciate what some women must go through when buying clothes.

But if any of you out there really want to show it off, go check out the new designer dress trousers! :)

The story goes of the guy in Speedos down the beach who had an abnormaly large bulge in his swimsuit. People were giggling to themselves and a few even complained to the beach inspector who eventually went up to the man and said “Sir, if you must put socks down your bathers, please put them at the front…not the back!”

To which the bather replied: “Sir, I am simply distributing the load. If I were to gather my ‘sock’ entirely in the front, then I really would frighten the others on this fair beach of ours!”

Looking good, motivated :mwink:

That sales person at Bloomingdales’s has just the biggest mouth :gulp:

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I am surprised no one has mentioned this side of the story yet but here we go (sorry if I burst your bubble).

On my son’s football team one of the dads wears his pants very high and tight. He looks like a complete moron. For a long time I had no idea why he would wear his pants this way, but recently noticed he had a very good sized package. I was staring because I wondered if he was wearing weights or a wrap or if he was really that big. Regardless, my wife has talked to the other mom’s about this guy and they all think he is a complete idiot for dressing like this. To complete the mental image, he is tall and a well-to-do doctor who wears expensive clothes, talks on his cell phone constantly, is rarely watching his son, and has a rather unattractive face but is in pretty good shape.

The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t assume women are attracted or impressed if they are staring at your too tight pants. It could be that they are offended, and thinking what kind of gross, sick, perverted exibitionist you are. Remember, car wrecks attract stares as well.

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