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Showers And Growers

Showers And Growers

I had a conversation with one of my lady friends the other day. We talked guys have small wankers while flaccid wankers, but can grow to very respectable sizes, while there are other guys who have impressive softies that do not grow much at all. I explained this to her, and she confirmed that she did encounter both showers and growers. She then asked why?

“Why are there Showers and growers? Are they made out of different material?”

I had no answer for her question, and it made me very curious myself. So I thought it would be a good question to ask the thunder boys.

So does any body know, or atleast have a theory on the science of the showers and growers?

I’ve read that people of hotter climate descent tend to be showers more because having the genitals further from body keeps sperm closer to ideal temperature, allows them more cooling. By same token, people with genetics of colder climate such as scandinavians, eskimos etc. Tend to have more retraction of genitals to keep them closer in to ideal temperature and to avoid over exposure to the cold. People evolved to colder climates are said to have tendencies toward slightly smaller extremities in general — slightly shorter arms, fingers, toes, ears, etc.

Re cooler climates = smaller flaccid

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule as I remember when I used to play football we had a Northern European (German I think) guy in our team who had the biggest flaccid schlong I’ve ever seen. If he turned around in the showers too fast he would just about knock you over with it!


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I think this is a good question. If anyone knows a real answer, that would be great. I offer my speculations.

Basically, summed up, I think flaccid size is mostly affected by the environmental factors, not genetic ones. Don’t read on unless you to read my rambling.

I’m not so sure about the climate thing. I think the overall climate will affect the overall opinion of flaccid size from a particular region. For example, when I go skiing or swimming or something cold, my package gets all small. While visiting tropical Costa Rica, my package was big and floppy. I sure hope people form an opinion of me when it’s hot!

As far as the sperm being closer to ideal temperature issue, I personally think natural selection would only affect the scrotum, not the penis also.

However, flaccid length still varies among people from within the same climate. I’m guessing flaccid size is probably a complicated combination of environment such as temperature, humidity, time since last erection/PE, stress levels, current hydration, blood circulation in penis, underwear type and genetics. Furthermore, these factors probably affect every person to different degrees.

Well, that was not too profound. Hopefully someone can say something with more concrete information.

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I just created a poll to get an indication about the showers and growers on the board, according to climate.

Here’s the link:

Shower/Grower According to Climate Poll


Isn’t the cold climate shrinking your genitals the same principle as when you run or work out intensly your penis shrinks because of the blood being routed to the muscle or organ groups working the hardest? The extremities get less blood to protect/nourish the larger/harder working/most necessary muscles or organs.

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