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should you jelq after stretching?

should you jelq after stretching?

I separate the two during the day, but I have heard after a good stretching session that you want to get blood up the shaft?

I just started so I cannot say to those who post the question to me of which has worked better so far. I can only say that I have been going solely for length so focusing a LOT more on stretching, and flaccid length has gone up a lot already, but will not measure erect for a few months. thanks!

I seperate the two as well, stretching in the morning and jelqing in the evening. Or at least thats the plan.

I push a bit of blood around the penis after stretching by massageing during a hot wrap and a jelqing motion on my flaccid member.

Works for me but experiment, may a stretch in the morning and a stretch and jelq in th evening (or a jelq and stretch/JAI).

I work on the basis that my penis should feel the workout and alter it accordingly.

Love the avatar, the film was not too good though in comparison to the book. Did you read Glamorama? Have I already asked you that?

Think you should measure erect more often than every few months. Hard to track progress/effectiveness without a monthly trip to the ruler imo.

We’re all different. What works for us may not for you.

I like memento’s reminder of the importance of hot wraps. I had good length gain fortune while moving directly from hot wrap to manual stretching and from that right into jelking, same session.



I hot wrap…stretch…and then jelq after.

Reason why is because I don’t like having to wash off my lube before stretching…so this way I just stretch and then jelq, then wash off the lube in a shower.

Also when I used to jelq before stretching, my dick would always be a little extra fat when flacid since I just finished jelqing, and this would give me the impression that I’m not getting a good grip or stretch…but I’m not sure which sequence is working better for me yet (except when we speak of conveniance in which case jelq after stretch wins hands down)…

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