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Should PE be public The debate

Originally Posted by dubula
Women would get bored if everyone had a big penis there would be no more bitching and it would be harder to have affairs because all women would be satisified let us keep this secret and stay amongst the elite.

LOL Well I would also mention that it may be a good thing if all men had both large and comparable sizes because competition would come down to intelligence, charm, and looks, giving women what they really desire. Of course this is somewhat utopian so we’ll just keep this little secret amongst ourselves ;P

S.O. at P.B.

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Found it in the

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Just one word.. Discipline.

Aye he is a member here, Remek.

No it should be secret as long as possible.

Originally Posted by wpolo130
we will never reach an agreement, its not possible i think. yes, discovery is getting easier, with various forums, and fleeting whispers of this touchy topic; MOS’s DVD, and other sources included. maybe it is destined to be a secret passed down through the generations. i don’t think it should be common knowledge though, its something, i don’t know special, you should have to look for it. in a way thats a test for those that might become brothers.


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I think Syndrome from The Incredibles but it best when he said “Everyone can be super. And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
We removed the Learning to Fly Forum. Too many Floyd fans showed up and then guys started talking about “will masturbation limit my altitude”.

ROTFLOL!!! :) :) :)
Awww… Please bring back the LtF forum! I feel insecure about my flying abilities! :-P

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

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Originally Posted by skeebo
I think Syndrome from The Incredibles but it best when he said “Everyone can be super. And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

I meant to say “put” it best.

Originally Posted by skeebo
I think Syndrome from The Incredibles put it best when he said “Everyone can be super. And when everyone’s super, no one will be.”

I totally agree, I’m doing this to, sorry for the bluntness, be better than everyone else. Not the same.

A while ago I watched someone do a rubix cube and figured out how to do it. For a while people would be amazed and it was a really fun thing to do because of their reactions. But now that they put the instructions in the box, everyone can do it and nobody even gives it a second glance. It’s a wasted secret and it will never be what it used to. Never.

Just my thoughts, some secrets are best left for those who found out for themselves.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even if PE was common knowledge, the majority of people would still be too lazy to do it consistently. I think if it was public, we would probably see advancements in the science aspect of it, which could in turn help everyone. Trying to keep it secret seems a little pointless to me. I understand that it everyone had large penises it wouldn’t be as cool to have a big one, but the bottom line is, if you reach 8x6, your cock is big. Even if your girlfriend has seen other big cocks, 8x6 is still going to look and feel big. Take fitness for example, there is a plethora of knowledge available on body building and all that stuff. Most people you see still aren’t ripped, and if you are, you will still stand out.

Originally Posted by Thatcat
I’m starting to sense a bit of a inferiority complex around here. I’m not chastising or trying to offend for that matter, but I am going to try and point a few things out, they are my personal ideals and thoughts so no one should take them as anything more then that:
We live in the 21st century, the dominant male factor isn’t only established by your physical appearance anymore. Granted both males and females still look for dominant features in each other, but many of us, also look for other factors which establish dominance, like intelligence and character. Being an inch bigger then the competition physically may give you an advantage in the short run, but if both aren’t balanced sooner or later that’s all you are going to be, a big dick.
Are we not suppose to evolve both mentally and physically?

To be honest, isn’t the inferiority complex the reason why we are all here? We had the need to look for Penis enlargement because we were not happy with our size. There are some who did it because of Penis health, or to last longer but in my opinion most are here because they feel they have an inadequate penis compared to the competition and want to make it bigger.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
PE takes time & dedication - it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Relatively few people can stick to anything - just look at all the hippos waddling around the streets of America (I’d bet 99% of them have gone on diets and/or even had gym memberships).

Furthermore, the more you gain, it becomes progressively more difficult to make new gains.

Combine that with the relief of inner/psychic pressure as one does make gains.and this makes it all that much tougher to stick to it when the gains start slowing (don’t I know about this one!! :P.

You could place the best PE resource manual into the hands of every guy in the world, but I’d bet that many wouldn’t even try it. Of those who did, few would stick to it long enough to make “significant” gains (+2” EL x 1” EG), and far fewer yet would develop “horse cocks.”

Add to that, that there is no easy way for corporations to make money of it and it seems there is little chance it will ever go fully mainstream.

I’m with those who think it should not be mainstream/public. I like the fact that I have a secret way to catch up with others, that most don’t know about. I would not like the idea that those who are already bigger could get even bigger, pushing my goals further from realistic reach. Maybe that is somewhat selfish? Who knows. I think this should be something that those interested should seek out for themselves, if so inclined. I did, and I have my reasons. To me, the fewer that know about PE, the better!

Cock pumps and the like have been around for many years. Growing up, I remember the common consensus among my peers being that those pumps and the like, were what made the porn stars the way they are (supposedly huge). I think a lot of guys do believe there are ways of increasing size, but most don’t get serious about it. Knowing now what I didn’t know back in my teens, is really amazing! If I only knew about the manual exercises at about 15 years old! I can only imagine how much different my life would have turned out, and what size I would be today. I only slept with about 25 women before meeting my wife of nearly 14 years. Though I had a brief affair about 7 years in, I did notice the difference with a new person, as I was up to “average” by then. It was just different than it had ever been, being with someone new. How many of those old relationships/flings might have turned out different if I was middle-average or bigger back then? How many others would I have met through the grapevine and fucked, as I would have been talked about among women in a better light? This is ironic, as I have always knew I needed some kind of PE. At least from age 14 forward, having heard through the grapevine “he needs a penis pump” from the first girl I ever fucked. I was probably 5x4 back then! Too bad it took me so many years to figure it out, and really begin PE in my mid 20s. I tried a cheap sex-shop pump in my late teens for a little bit, but it broke and never really did anything. Never tried anything else until I found Thunder’s in 2002. I started PE at 5.5BPx4.375EG and got up to 6.6x4.9. I lost a little as I went off PE for about 4 years, and didn’t maintain my gains like I should have. I have been back at PE full-circle for almost a month now, and have pretty much gotten back my lost gains. I was still considerably bigger than pre-PE when I just re-started, but now I am going to do this right and stick with it forever. I am banking on being able to get the “newbie gains” all over again, as there was so much time in between when I was last practicing PE. I can honestly say that by the first of the year (90 days from now), I’ll be at least at 7BPx5MSEG. I’d bet my right nut on it! I will get to 7.5x5.5 (7NBP), no doubt about it! I will be there by at least this time next year! Ok, sorry for straying off-topic a bit, but this is truly life-changing in so many ways! I’m keeping it to MYSELF!

Originally Posted by kingpole
It will never go mainstream. It will always be controversial, but I’m glad I found out about it, not necessarily for growing a penis but the effect that it has on reversing ED.

I agree.

It’s a lot like lifting weights or general fitness training. Anyone can have a fit body, and the steps that need to be taken are explicitly written down for the whole world to see. No secrets involved. How many people do you know who have a fit body? 1/100? If the same fraction of men get involved in PE as do in lifting weights .. I don’t see what the big deal is. Good for them; they’re my brothers in self improvement.

I ain’t going to go around bragging about my training in either field. The results are pretty much for the ladies, and my own self satisfaction.


And even then, PE is much more elusive matter than bodybuilding, with much less consolidated knowledge base - we may know something, but it hasn’t really been tested by time. When did PE began at all, in the end of 80’s? It’s a private matter and, without Internet, knowledge was hard to share without being laughed at. It’s just a few last years when we’ve got some info to rely on. But again, it’s not yet adapted, tested, and made into real guidelines which consider difference in people’s constitution, health and age. And, with PE not being supported by official science, it would be hard to do so.

I think it should definitely be a secret. If it’s mainstream then the average penis size will rise by maybe .5 - 1” and no longer will we be bigger after our PE. We would just be trying to keep up with everyone else rather than surpass them and if someone was unable to do PE at all then instead of being average he would drop to 1” below.

I’m just saying the most extreme scenario, it would probably be like a lot of you said, not that many people would bother.

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