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Should one sacrifice length exercises for girth


Shilow, the more erect I jelq, the more my girth expands as long as it’s not quite 100% erect. I think this is true for most people. I just don’t get nearly as much expansion at a lower erection level.

I think Shilow’s 50% erection level would correspond to what most of us consider around 80%.

Starting size: 7"x5.25" bp

Current size: 7.25"x5.875" bp

Goal size: 8.75"x6" bp

Originally Posted by johngreen38
Ok, so I am 7.25” (give or take) x 5”.

If I want to be fatter, should my main focus be on girth exercises versus even doing length exercises.

From what I have read, doing dry jelqs, clamping, and horse squeezes are what are good for girth, whereas wet jelqing, stretching, etc.. Are good for length.

Keep in mind, I always stretch regardless before doing anything. it smart to mix both, or is it ok to do 1 or the other?


Man, if I had your dick I would be happy. I`m 6x5

I am just saying the elasticity of the tissue is greater under lower erect states (absent rigidity) and more conducive to expansion. As rigidity creeps in the pressure characteristics cause the chambers to begin peak expansion or your tunica is reaching its maximum expansion. When rigidity is present your penis is taking its natural and full state, in this condition it is difficult to augment change. The physiology becomes indestructible it is turning into superman or penis, you must do your activity when it is Clark Kent.

When you are doing glans work (this is all I do, everything else comes along for the ride), you cannot optimize expansion of the corona without 100% engorgement and a relatively limp state. When you are fully engorged and grab the base tight you have a full erection, your tight grip has taken place of the pressure gradient and valve constriction (present during an erection). Usually the jelq activity will work you to a level of erection and than you let the condition abate by stretching your sack or pancake the penis on a cold surface (this will diminish the erector). After you cycle through a couple of these conditions, your penis becomes annoyed at becoming erect and no action so he no longer participates and you can get a very effective workout.

One mans 80% erection is another mans 70%, there is no empirical way of measuring this state. And when you get below 50% there is little consensus between penis’. Rigidity is the bane of PE, tissues must be elastic and blood volume copious for maximal opportunity for deformation. Hang long, hang tough.

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Nick666, thanks for the compliment. I am fairly happy with the length, though getting to 8” wouldn’t hurt my feelings :)

But I am not happy with a 5” girth. I want 5.5 or even 6”.


So do you think that a jelqing with a rigid penis would be good for tunica stretching? Thus good for length gains?

Start (6-10-05) BPEL: 6.7" |EG: 4.6" |NBP: 5.9"

Now (10-26-06) BPEL: 7.75 |EG:5" |NBP: 7.05"

In my opinion, the tunica cannot be stretched or nothing that merits consideration. Your built-in capacity dictates your ultimate girth (minus swelling), the expansion is genetically ordained, and some of us have a lot and some of us have a little. That is what is so exciting about PE, with the squeeze or pull of the hand we can pretty much determine our goal size on the letter.

You only have so much expansion and that is it. A balloon can only expand so far before it ruptures, the penis is similar in that we can determine the elasticity and our potential for gains. Go to far and a injury is in the cards, but work it properly and a glorious hard-on is yours.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo


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