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Should I Try This?

Should I Try This?

I’ve been jelqing for five months solid now, three days a week, and have gotten only slight gains in length and girth. Now that I’m starting my sixth month, I’ve decided to go for a 5 day on-2 day off routine. Perhaps the added volume of work will break this plateu I’m on. Is that too much? I think maybe I’ve been giving my cock too much rest in between sessions. This is my second week of five workout days, and I think I can feel the difference that more workouts give. The only problem is the chaffing…would it be good to use bacitracin with zinc after jelqing (with the power-jelq device)? I usually use vitamin E straight outta the capsule.
It’s been a while now and no notice from my girlfriend. Either I really haven’t gotten anywhere with this, or she’s totally oblivious. I have taken measurements, and I’m one quarter inch bigger all around. All I really want is a 1”x1” gain. Will my new high volume program help?


I’ve done 5 on on 2 off my whole 11 month pe career. It works for me…

If you are not gaining much, I don’t see what it would hurt to try by doing more, with more intensity as well… Don’t be afraid to try new things until you find what your dick wants… Good Luck.

Thanks. I’ll continue to scour this forum for info. The only thing I’m using now is that Power-Jelq device and manual stretching. I like it, but do you think that it’s enough? Or are other techniques truly necessary for real gains?


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