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Should I tell her? she told me something similar...

Originally Posted by thal

Ah androNYC we just don’t see eye to eye on this and no one else has my answer either. Hey it happens. First, I know two things.. JACK and SHIT and JACK left town. I just don’t find PE to be shameful. We try to improve our minds, our bodies, our love life, our money. Why not our dicks. Maybe it’s that all my friends have found out about incredibly embarrassing shit about me in the past. Like OMG everyone knows about that shit. Oh crap oh crap oh crap what do I do what do I do. Now.. You can’t embarrass me that easy, it made me stronger and more open with people. The truth can hurt but the truth is very liberating. I don’t find PE to be shameful it’s really funny, but not shameful and if people want to laugh at me I can laugh at me with them. I think most guys would laugh there ass off then when you tell them it works they would really laugh even harder only to later on that week become a member here. Women would automatically assume that you have a small penis. That is why most men wouldn’t tell anybody for fear they would tell there girlfriends. And I understand that.But fuck it (oh man that’s gross BUT FUCK IT almost missed that one)if your PE works then you won’t have a small penis. And all she has to do is look at the bulge in your pants which women do anyway. It might make some women even more curious about captain winky. Maybe it’s that I don’t think I have a small dick 7.5 x 5. Yea it’s thin.I have chicken legs which makes my dick bulge out even more and women have told me in swim trunks or shorts that I look hung (even though I’m not). Maybe thats why I’m here from the outside it looks big but on the inside it doesn’t feel big. A little on the pencil size but my girth will come when I work on it. First I get to 8.

I hear you regarding the improvement aspect, but since I am a fairly private kind of guy I tend not to inquire or volunteer info unless someone makes a specific offer or inquiry. Just me. I also don’t volunteer my bank balance, my phone is unlisted, the better shape I am in the more covered up I tend to keep myself.
I don’t have a particular concern regarding my wee-wee size; as I said to supersizeit over drinks, I won’t post pics of my wanger regardless of it’s size. Meaning when I get my 9*7, no pics posted nowhere. I send tons to lady friends, but never for publication and never with my face. That’s just me.

Originally Posted by thal

AndroNYC I wish you nothing but the best and may your dick continue to grow and may every girl you fuck say holly shit that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and you can say “yea I was born that way baby”. But if/when a girl says that to me I will say “yea I made it that way. Cause I’m a freak now lay down and take this gi-huge-ic dick. Huh Huh alright gigide gidide, oh.”

Actually I wouldn’t comment either way, except to put it to her. But then I didn’t offer any response to body comments when I was a serious bodybuilder.
That’s just me.
And I too wish only well, I just don’t talk much about myself- there are for more interesting topics.

Originally Posted by thal

AH but fuck it(he he he) like I said I’m here to get a bigger penis. Nothing else. Tell her don’t tell her damn it I don’t give a shit.We are all different your choice to tell people about PE and risk LIFE ENDING embarrassment is up to you. Thal always rants and rambles like a bitch I’m out.

I don’t find PE at all shameful, and have turned a few guys onto Thunder’s when the topic has come up, at their instigation. My concern in re ‘others’ opinions’ is rather that since I do not live in a swinger/ nudist orbit, the revelation of my PE adventures will impact how I interact with others in both my personal and professional lives, and I can do without the hassle.

Would you go into a job interview and offer the fact that you PE as your personal introduction? Do you think that your potential employer’s opinion on the fact is a matter of ‘who cares’? Do you tell your mother about it? Would you demonstrate it to her?

I have no desire to be ‘open’ with people as a whole- I choose to whom I reveal parts of myself. I like being circumspect.
Again, just me.

Regarding XXs who may well use that info to attempt to damage someone they are on the outs with- in my experience women tend to be more vicious when they feel personally slighted, and rarely consider the long term impact of their words if not their deeds. Unless you are willing to tattoo on your forehead that you PE, I wouldn’t offer that info to a galpal.

That said, I have gotten a couple to help me along with some jelqing and stretching as an aid to my ‘Penis Enhancement’, and have found that to a sort of intro to discussions about kegels and their sexual response, a’la zaneblue’s input.

Thal- luck to you in your PE adventure.

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Thanks. Well said.

Maybe it isn’t an “embarrassment” issue, rather it’s a “I just don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to have the argument issue”. Another viewpoint to consider as to why a person might not want others to know about PE activities is the “me too” variable. Granted it’s not in the spirit of this board, but, let’s assume that everyone found this “holy grail” and started to PE. The average measurements would be drastically changed, thereby nullifying, at least to some extent, the work that some people have already put into PE. This is of course a fantasy scenario, not many people are going to put an effort into much of anything, just take a trip to your local mall and look at all the lazy fat slobs sitting around for proof.

Originally Posted by Peter Dick
What planet do you live on? Have you seen the divorce rate lately?
An ex wife will be way more vindictive than an ex girlfriend.

If my ex had known anything like this, it would have been used in court to demonstrate my perverted-ness, although she was the one screwing the 16 year old kid from across the street. Don’t tell her, or any other woman that knows your full name. It will come back to bite off all those gains and more.

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