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Should I tell her? she told me something similar...

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Agreed. Take it from a man who spent 19 of his 40 years with a woman; and now I’m the “scumbag she used to be married to.” It’s utterly amazing how much shit she’s dredged up from the past, stuff I’d completely forgotten about - but not her.

While all of this “honesty” happy horseshit sounds “nice,” it has it’s drawbacks. Life is rough - keep your balls protected, or they might get kicked up into your stomach. In much the same way, too many guys think they want to know “everything” about their sweetheart. But when they find out too much, they want to cry. Nobody’s a saint, nobody is all-good. Protect yourself.

This is the TRUTH dude!

This needs to be branded in every guys head:
Life is rough - keep your balls protected

Originally Posted by mgus
Dear me. Sounds pretty bad - how are you doing?

MGUS, I’m good , thanks

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
What’s fight club?


The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

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Originally Posted by hmm123
Divorce rate in 2002 is 0.38% now my friend. That’s not a lot.

Did you even read the info in that link?
The numbers are per capita, so it includes every person, including babies.
Roughly 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Tell her you pussy.

Who are you calling a pussy thal? I can’t tell.

I’d really have to have some serious leverage over someone before I even came close to trusting them enough to tell them that I sit for hours on end abusing my penis in various different ways in order to make it larger. Granted sitting there participating in said abuse isn’t all that strange to most on this board, but… just imagine the response you’d get from the general public if you just happened to be pictured in the newspaper with various amounts of weight hanging from your dick. People’s imagination is generally 10 times more graphic than the truth. The responses from this girl are limitless. Past experience has taught me that you don’t tell anything to anyone you’re having sex with unless you would say the same thing over the loudest bullhorn you can find, in the most crowded public place you can find. Past experience has also taught me that in most circumstances the first words out of the “scorned woman’s” mouth are usually something in regard to your penis size. This way if things do go south and she screams about you being small, you can just flop it out and laugh. Not that I would be that crass or anything.

I would, damnit lol. I would actually go bone her friends.

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Originally Posted by memento
Who are you calling a pussy thal? I can’t tell.

Thal’s opinion on this is fairly clear from his thread addressing the same topic.

Ahh, that I were 25 again and absolutely certain in my knowledge of others, particularly the fairer sex. One of the most significant things that has occurred as I have grown grayer [actually not at all on the cabeza, but my chin-beard gets frighteningly white] is that I realize how little I know, especially in relation to what I believed I knew just ten, even five years ago- often on the same topic.

This realization of my utter lack of certainty regarding anything at all leads me to play CYA regarding any but the closest of boon companions- particularly the XXs. Vic20, PeterDick and others have hit the bitch on the head.

Keep your cards close to your vest.
Trust but verify.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Pithy sum’bitch, ain’t I?

Girth and glee,

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Ah androNYC we just don’t see eye to eye on this and no one else has my answer either. Hey it happens. First, I know two things……… JACK and SHIT and JACK left town. I just don’t find PE to be shameful. We try to improve our minds, our bodies, our love life, our money. Why not our dicks. Maybe its that all my friends have found out about incredibly embarrassing shit about me in the past. Like OMG everyone knows about that shit. Oh crap oh crap oh crap what do I do what do I do. Now……. you can’t embarrass me that easy, it made me stronger and more open with people. The truth can hurt but the truth is very liberating. I don’t find PE to be shameful its really funny, but not shameful and if people want to laugh at me I can laugh at me with them. I think most guys would laugh there ass off then when you tell them it works they would really laugh even harder only to later on that week become a member here. Women would automatically assume that you have a small penis. That is why most men wouldn’t tell anybody for fear they would tell there girlfriends. And I understand that.But fuck it (oh man that’s gross BUT FUCK IT almost missed that one)if your PE works then you won’t have a small penis. And all she has to do is look at the bulge in your pants which women do anyway. It might make some women even more curious about captain winky. Maybe its that I don’t think I have a small dick 7.5 x 5. Yea its thin.I have chicken legs which makes my dick bulge out even more and women have told me in swim trunks or shorts that I look hung (even though I’m not). Maybe thats why I’m here from the outside it looks big but on the inside it doesn’t feel big. A little on the pencil size but my girth will come when I work on it. First I get to 8.

androNYC I wish you nothing but the best and may your dick continue to grow and may every girl you fuck say holly shit that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and you can say “yea I was born that way baby”. But if/when a girl says that to me I will say “yea I made it that way. Cause I’m a freak now lay down and take this gi-huge-ic dick. Huh Huh alright gigide gidide, oh.”

AH but fuck it(he he he) like I said I’m here to get a bigger penis. Nothing else. Tell her don’t tell her damn it I don’t give a shit.We are all different your choice to tell people about PE and risk LIFE ENDING embarrassment is up to you. Thal always rants and rambles like a bitch I’m out.

I’m with thal on this. I find absolutely nothing to be ashamed about concerning PE. I have been caught in the act and exposed many times, never have I been embarrassed. It’s always funny, and sometimes arousing or sexually stimulating, but never uncomfortable, at least not for me, but I am an exhibitionist. Obviously others feel differently about it.

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Don’t ever tell her - it won’t bring you anything positive.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
I’m with thal on this. I find absolutely nothing to be ashamed about concerning PE. I have been caught in the act and exposed many times, never have I been embarrassed. It’s always funny, and sometimes arousing or sexually stimulating, but never uncomfortable, at least not for me, but I am an exhibitionist. Obviously others feel differently about it.

I think it’s a matter of where you are in life. If you’re older and hang out with very open minded people (i.e. Swingers) I think you can confidently tell your friends about PE and they’ll think it’s interesting/cool.

But if you’re a college kid hanging out with gossipy girls and competitive guys exposing this to a girlfriend could really be embarrassing, because if she tells her friends (and she will) most won’t understand. It will sound too bizarre and “newsworthy” for her to not tell her friends. Most would not believe that PE works and the fact you’re devoting so much time towards it makes you look like you are inadeqautely small or at least believe you’re inadequately small (equally unattractive to a female) and VERY desperate about it.

To the normal college girl it would be like hearing that you have learned witchcraft and spend every night casting spells on your penis to make it bigger. They’ll think this guy is crazy, obsessed, has a small penis, and “my God, I’ve gotta tell so and so, she won’t believe this …”. You don’t want to be the guy in those conversations. It’s not worth it.

I recommend keeping it to yourself.


:-k :

24hrs makes a good point. I guess it is different with older guys, especially those of us who live the Alternative Lifestyles.

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