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Should I Take A Break?

Should I Take A Break?

First of all, in the first two weeks of PE, I had excellent morning woods. They were rock hard and the length and girth was probably at its maximum.
But now I am experiencing loss in size I think. It looks and feels like I’ve lost at least 1 centimeter in length.
I also have less morning wood, and they are weaker than in the first two weeks.

Now I have read from some people that taking a break COULD help (re)gaining size, but I was wondering if it would be smart to take a break after 20-30 days into PE.
Would it affect any possible future gains at all? COULD it be that by taking a break, I COULD get some gains?

To be honest, I am pretty sure I have over-trained most of the days.
Instead of 5 minutes stretching, I did 10 to 15 minutes. And instead of 10 minutes jelqing, I did 15 to 30 minutes.
All because I got too excited and was hoping very badly to see some gains.

About kegels, I stopped doing them since last week. But I guess that can’t be the reason of my loss in length and morning wood..

As a final note:
I am really confused at the moment. My flaccid size is a little bigger, though my erect size looks and feels slightly smaller.

Any suggestions, info, comments etc are more than welcome.

Just a take a couple of days off, and then reassess your situation. If your penis hasn’t returned to it’s previous state then I would advise a couple of weeks off, but what do i know? I’m taking a couple of days off as it is right now, because I believe that I over-trained, and already my penis and ligs feel better. Good luck in whatever choice you make. :thumbs:

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