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should I stop?


should I stop?

I started out at 5.9 by 5.5 and now I am at 7.3 by 6.5, should I stop doing Pe? I really don’t feel that I need to get bigger.

This is your choice whatever you or you and your special person desire. How long did it take to make the gains your have?

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Wow, great gains.

What was the time frame for this?

If I were in your situation and I was a fast gainer, I would continue. If it took a long time, I wouldn’t have the resolve.

Also, what was your routine?

I started in August of 2001. I just do jelqing and manual hanging streches for 15 minutes 3 times every two weeks.

Damn impressive girth gains.

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My advice is: When you get to the point where you like your dick as it is, back off, enjoy the hell out of it, and just do light maintenance excercises to keep the good vascular conditioning you’ve worked to get.

There are a number of threads here, some very funny, with posts by those of us who have got caught up in the Dreaded Dick Obsession. Read those and you will see how silly this can get. Notice, too, that most of us, like moths to the flame, just keep coming back for more, for a whole lot of different reasons.

I do believe, strongly, that some of us are taking the risk of “sizing ourselves out” of certain very fun and satisfying sexual activities. But notice how close we do press that line.

Above all, be happy. You’ve got a big dick. That’s why you came here.




LOL! Truly, that’s your decision. I wouldnt like your size…but, that because I’m 7.5x6 and I want more for MYSELF.

I would try for a little more length purely for aesthetics (length Vs. girth ratio), but that is my perception of what I want my dick to look like. I am close to your size and want quite a bit more.

If you really don’t feel the need to get bigger, don’t. Back off to a maintenance program to cement your gains. You can always add more dick later.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

It’s up to you bud… I think much has to do with your wife / gf and how much she can take and still get pleasure out of sex… In my case my wife can take more then I have so I strive on (for length)… Vagina’s come in about as many sizes and do Trout!


Yes you should stop one less 8 incher in the world will only make moRE GAINS FOR ME. You really answered you own question anyway if you don’t feel you need more you don’t.


Originally posted by dino775

Yes you should stop one less 8 incher in the world will only make moRE GAINS FOR ME. You really answered you own question anyway if you don't feel you need more you don't.



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Congrats on your gains 1st of all, and it is completely up to you. Are you satisfied with what you’ve gained? I yes then stop and go into maintenance mode. If no, then keep PEing. and what where your intial goals when you started your quest?

I’m curious what your current view of yourself now that you have an above average sized penis. Do you still feel like you are average?

I’ve wondered about this myself. I am getting slow but steady gains. I have always been dissatisfied with my size - its part of my persona. But I wonder if I will always have this feeling or if I’ll just grow into feeling like a “big dicked guy.” I had a friend in high school who grew (in height) several inches over a summer. He was suddenly a tall person but still viewed himself as short.

Just wondering…really interested.

Originally posted by holl2007

I started in August of 2001.

We started at the same time, your penis was almost an inch shorter than mine and look what happend…you beat me! Good job, I’m proud of you! ;)

I felt the same way when I hit 8”.

Take some time off and enjoy your gains. Then see if the urge/motivation to do PE comes back. Then you can decide if you truly want to go for more.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

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