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Should I rest my unit before surgery?

Should I rest my unit before surgery?

I’m having my circumcision revised and was wondering if I should rest my unit before the operation or if I can continue my routine right up to the day before the op.

If I should rest, how long before the operation should I quit the exercises?

I’m currently taking a deconditioning break and should be starting my new routine on the 25th (if people are interested in the routine or in giving feedback I can post it to the forum :) I’m combining the newbie routine with hanging using weights & progressions suggested by bud_do )

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I personally can’t see any harm in continuing the exercises, although I would probably take a rest just incase. A couple of days rest before at least would be my choice.

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I am having a similar operation (frenulum release) soon, and I plan to PE right up to the day I go for surgery.

By all means continue in the run up to your surgery. But, if you are prone to getting red spots - petechiae - do let them disappear before you get to the surgeon. He/she might think there is a blood clotting disorder and start doing tests not surgery, with inevitable delay and possibly postponement. You might also be asked some potentially embarassing questions, the answers to which might even be the subject for conversation during your anaesthetic.

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