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Should I go for a new girth routine

Should I go for a new girth routine


I am looking for girth gains. The routine I am following currently consists of: 2X10min clamping, 10X15sec horses, 10 Ulis (3X5 sec each) then following 10min of wet jelqing at high erection.

I do the exercises in front of a IR-lamp.

I have been following this routine for about 6 weeks now and haven’t seen any real gains. I am still 12.7cm around (5inch).

I have been taking only 2 rest days during these weeks.

What should I do?

The routine you have is very good, very similar to the girth routine I had, which has given me 3cm in 8 months. But unfortunately the routine might work better for some people than others.

The advice that I’ll give you is to add amazing isometrics and do the routine seven days a week.

Originally Posted by smonk
What should I do?

I would do a routine consisting of mild clamping and mild pumping (clamp/pump/clamp/pump - 10 mins each).

Then, to cement my expansion, I’d wear a cockring and ADS at the same time (for at least 3-4 hours after my session).

I’d do this 1 on/2 off.

Try this for a month and see your results.

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