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Should I Buy XL's?


I guess it should be a rewarding experience to go and buy this condom and the women around you stare at you :) . Hahaha.. groovy

Not too long ago I went to the grocery to buy a few things and had some fun with something I did.

I got a couple items and then went and got some Magnum Large Condoms, you know the ones that have printed really bold on the box LARGE CONDOMS. I placed them so you could see them as you approached my cart on the side with nothing obstructing them, but not on the top area where the handles are. I then walked around for about 20 minutes looking real casual as I shopped for the other items, putting all the other things all around them while leaving the area above them clear for easy viewing. I would also leave the cart for a minute or two while I looked up or around an aisle for something else.

I don’t know if anyone noticed or not, but it was quite busy so I am sure someone saw it. I know this sounds crazy, but it was a lot of fun, and somewhat of a turn-on, to think that a few people were noticing them and thinking “that old middle-aged family guy must have a large dick”.

I then checked out like it was any other day.

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I use the Durex XLs. They don’t seem to be as big as Trojans Magnum XLs. I’d say just go for it. It impressed the hell out of some of the chicks I’ve dated. “Oh he uses a large condom he must be huge!” Psychosomatic at best but it never let me down.

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