Should I be a little sore after a workout?


I’ve been doing PE for about 2 months now but have not really seen any gains past the first 3 weeks, but these were newbie gains.
I didnt let this phase me though and kept on going, adding bits and bobs here andd there.

My routine at the moment is something like:

Warm up in bath
3x20 second stretches in each direction with light helicopter stretches to loosen up
10x50 jelqs
3x10min clamps (Though I can’t always do this because of time constraints)
warm down

Now, I don’t know whether I’m overtraining or what but my penis seems to not feel any soreness AT ALL after workouts these days.
I did when I first started and this is when I was quite hopeful at seeing gains as I felt alot more change.
My jelqing intensity is quite high and I couldnt get any more blood in if I tried while clamping.

But my stats remain pretty much the same as when I started with a slight increase in girth and a little in length, but I put this mainly on fuller erections than actual expansion.

Is my penis too conditioned now? Is that why I feel nothing after workouts?
I’m considering a deconditioning break or trying to train even longer, but then my workouts will really be pushing me for time, and they cant get that much more intense…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.