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Should I add another clamp?

Should I add another clamp?

When I clamp, I’ve noticed that my erection fades slightly, about 5-10%. With this, I feel as though I’m not getting as much benefit from the exercise as I could be. Should I add another clamp to my sessions? If so, where should I place it?

It’s normal for the erection to fade slightly, however, you should still be left with quite a swollen dick.

I wouldn’t recommend using a second clamp unless you are very well conditioned, or a nutcase like Big G.

If it is really subsiding then try watching porn/tightening the clamp/wrapping the clamp. See if that helps.

Nutcase says NO! One clamp only close to the base as possible.

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As much as people like to consider clamping as passive, I am never just sitting there with a fading erection.
I am edging, untightening the clamp (turn-key clamp :buttrock: ), kegeling and retightening. I never allow floppies in the clamp. 110% all the way.

Then again, I have “only” gained 0.25” eg, but I am a hard girth gainer.

I kegal and edge until I can get it rock solid then tighten the clamp down and kegal every once in a while to keep it solid.

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Check your wrap, andgrowing. I never have to stimulate once I get my final click on the clamp, unless I haven’t wrapped correctly. If you wrap too loose then it is very difficult to get a good clamp.


Since this thread is up here, I can’t get the clamp all the way down if I’m using a sock for the wrap. The sock is by far the most comfortable and involves the least pinching, but the hardest to close. I’m only 5ish girth so it shouldn’t really be a problem.

I think the adult sock is too much wrap. The mouse-pad works so much better. But if you must use a sock, use an infant sock. Cut the tip off the toe part, pull it all the way down snug against the fat pad and double it over. Get the infant crew sock where the part that goes over the baby’s leg is thicker than the part that covers the foot. Pull the smooth part onto your dick first so it is against the skin and the fluffier, thicker part of the sock doubles back on top next to the clamp.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

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