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Shot Down by a king kong size queen!- HELP!

Well, you could have nailed her (no pun intended) on that subject right then and there ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

She sounds like a major castration apparatus to me. Dump her,__, that kind of bullshit talk isn’t worth it. Life’s too short for that sort of crap.

It’s funny how when a girl makes a dick size reference, all of us guys take it as the gospel. As if they could never be wrong/lying/joking/ect…

Man you looked quite big in your picture. IF she has had bigger dicks that yours, she’s had a LOT more smaller dicks than yours too.

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Originally Posted by Track_Star
Man you looked quite big in your picture. IF she has had bigger dicks that yours, she’s had a LOT more smaller dicks than yours too.

She’s only had sex w/ two other guys (long term relationships).

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Wt, the only way to tell is to lay the wood. Pin her feet behind her head while laying the pipe to the hilt and see what her expression is then. I’ve been with a hottie who was married to a very good friend who I know was large (he claimed over 9” and she affirmed) and told me her first husband was even bigger. Yet my “little” 8x6 tore her up she was so tight. She came so many times she begged me to hurry up and cum.

One more thing…

Rule #1 - I pull it out, I’m fucking. Period.

She was just fucking with your head. Trust us on this one. If you get the chance again, tell her you want to see how tight she is. If she feels like you’re fucking a jar of mayonnaise, she’s a size-queen cow pussy.


Gotta go to the grocery store and by some Mayo. I need to find out how a cow pussy feels, since cows are somewhat hard to find around here. ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally Posted by Uncut4Big
Gotta go to the grocery store and by some Mayo. I need to find out how a cow pussy feels, since cows are somewhat hard to find around here. ;)

Just stick your dick out of a window then throw a glass of water on it… Generally that is how it feels…


I’m with these guys! You are falling into the same trap as women who get boob jobs so they will be attractive…1000 guys who say they look great will be shot down by the one guy who says they don’t… and they’ll chase the one guy that doesn’t find her attractive.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, find a gal that is also your friend, that is to say she cares about your happiness as much as your own. Someone you admire as a person, whom you like, not just lust for. Does this girl fit that bill? Or are you falling into the syndrome of ” you wouldn’t join any club that would take you as a member?” That is to say, only be attracted to women that aren’t happy with you? What in the heck are you getting serious about a girl that is starting off like this with you? If your just after a piece of ass…fuck her and move on. If your interested in a relationship…run!!! Get your head on straight! I think anyone should do PE only to please themselves and someone who loves you…ONLY! You need to base your self esteem on something other than your dick size!

Next time some gal says something like that, you may want to give her a back handed compliment that will fuck with her head like, “most guys don’t like a pussy that feels this loose, but I like it”. Say it sincerely like you are trying to compliment her (it will slid past her defenses), but it will put the pressure back on her. Then fuck her and dump her, and only answer every 3-5th time she calls. Always be “busy” when she asks. If she wants to come over, only after 1100pm, and have her bring the booze. Thats the way to get back on top here. If you find you can’t get the upper hand…get the fuck out and quick before she turns you into her girl friend. For future reference, never give your heart to anyone but a good and kind girl, that is your best friend!



Sorry guys this is my first post, I know I’ve been lurking for a good while, however I will follow it soon with my PE story etc. but for now I thought I’d throw in my two cents worth.


It seems that the relationship you have with this girl is either emotionally strong or at least becoming that way and as such we cannot all always assume that when a girl makes a comment like that that she is trying to hurt You/us. I have read posts on here before about the mind games we’re up against when it comes to real size queens cow pussy etc. however your story seems a little different.

One question I have is did her comments about dick size come after she saw yours?

If the answer is yes which I believe it is then I have a strange feeling that she may actually be saying that she can handle your Monster! Think about it you guys are laying there in the dark the TV is flickering, she’s getting horny, as you said you guys were talking dirty, she could have been thinking “maybe if I tell him I can handle it he’ll spear me with it and I’ll squeal like a stuck pig” sreeeeek…skreeekkkk…ssqureeeekkk! (Sorry about that got a little carried away :) ) Her reaction to your “oh…….ok” was “whaaat, are you ok” Man girls say all sorts of funny shit when they want to be fucked and they think strange stuff too, she probably thought it would turn you on and you would whip it out and do her right then and there! Take it from me (don’t forget 1st post), I once had a chick nice looking big boobs and shit tell me she was a Nanny and leaving town the next day just to get fucked, what did I care I was looking at her tits!! (not a great example but it’s halfway there!) Also I’ve been with my woman for almost 10 years and she still surprises me with the comments that end in stuff like .…I thought all guys like that and I say where did you get that idea (don’t worry I’ve got her covered…. it usually turns out to be a stupid girls magazine)

Anyway I say definitely fuck her and…….then see what happens, HJ had some tips for that part!

With respect to PE, you do it for your self man no-one else, the guys are right!

P.S. I could always be wrong! My 2cents worth may only be worth 2 cents!

Later F

This thread is starting to have a mob mentality.

I’ve seen posts on some women’s boards about how some women are a bit wider and deeper than most. It’s a fact of life, some women have larger vaginas, some women have smaller. Some women may be so much larger that the average penis really cannot be satisfying.

Why is this deserving of so many misogynistic remarks?

For all we know, she’s really got very little experience with sex and just wanted to put up a front to seem more “seasoned”. I met a woman who put on a show pretending to be loose and all only to find out she’s only slept with two guys. Turns out her self esteem was just so horrible she couldn’t accept the fact that *any* guy wanted her, so she never gave them the chance in private.

She could and probably is fucking with his head, but put yourself in a woman’s shoes for a second. Do you think the last 4 pages of disparaging “cow pussy” remarks are going to make her feel welcome to this forum?

All you have to do is stay cool and collected, smile and say something like:

Oh really!!! You’ve had bigger??? Huh??? Lucky you, then I’d imagine that I should be privledged to remain in your good graces. I guess if you ever give me a shot I will have to be pretty dam good to please you. Wont I?
I promise to try my best (be sure to smile and say this in a half joking manner)

Play along with her and don’t let her see that she got to you—then when you finally get to nail her, make sure that you nail her REAL GOOD and really give it your very best shot.

If you make her cum over and over again and drive her mad with pleasure—SHE WILL BE YOURS!!! AND YOU WILL OWN HER!!!


When she calls you acting all lovey dovey and asking with anticipation in her voice:

When can we get together again???!!!, I’m dying to see you again!!!

You say:

Oh Why would you want to get together with little ole me, after-all, you’ve had bigger, right??? and besides that Ive had much tighter than you ( you have the last laugh. :chuckle: )

P.S. That last line is optional depending on whether or not you really want to see her again.

You will have effectively turned the tables on her! :)

At 8.5 x5—I say you stand an excellent chance of pulling this off (assuming you get in her pants) so why sweat it? Your size is fine and you are the envy of many here on Thunder. Don’t let her shake your confidence, you know where you stand. Right?

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Hehe, thanks for the responses they’re really giving me some good emotional support over here :up:

She’s had intercourse with two other guys. She did have a long part in her life of very low self esteem. She knows I was not attracted to her initially, and that her personality won me over. She knows I am very picky (from my friends talking to her about me). She probably knows I love big natural breasts (which she is lacking- but not totally flat either). She might be a cow pussy, but we do have good fun together (fun as in enjoying each other’s company, smiling, all that stuff you see in a hallmark card).

However, I’m going to be interning in West Los Angeles- which is across the country from where I am. She trusts me, but I’m sure the thought of me finding someone else and/or staying out in California to work IS a possibility (WHICH SHE NERVOUSLY JOKES TO ME ABOUT ALL THE TIME!) so we are not ‘officially’ boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m going to see how she makes me feel before I go out to intern in West LA. If she has redeemed herself then great. If I still feel vulnerable, I’ll look for someone out there and have her call her from my phone and say “sorry he’s mine now” or something along those lines (maybe mention a physical trait that this new girl would have that’s more preferable to me than what this girl in Connecticut has).

Oh well, I’m keeping my options open.

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One more thing, I never read, that she said she’s had bigger…only that she can take alot as her last boyfriends were well endowed??

I still think she’s saying, “I can handle it… if you just let me try!”

Did you ever think she was speechless when she saw the python?

Later F

Originally Posted by Franga

One more thing, I never read, that she said she’s had bigger…only that she can take alot as her last boyfriends were well endowed??

I still think she’s saying, “I can handle it… if you just let me try!”

Did you ever think she was speechless when she saw the python?

Later F

She said they were “very” well endowed :( (yes… the dreaded “very” well endowed- almost like salt on the wounds). I don’t think she was speechless. The females who have seen it before this current girl (that were speechless) would gasp with a big grin. This girl’s look was that of “eh, whatever”. Although the thought that she might be speechless and/or actually think it’s big did not escape my mind yet. However, the thought of her shooting me down like she did dominates all other thoughts on my dick’s relationship with her.

I’ve been looking for motivation to kick start my PE sessions into full dedicated effect- I guess I found it right?

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003


“If you build it…they will CUM!”

Later F.


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