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Shot Down by a king kong size queen!- HELP!

What 789 said, cannot improve on that.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Not sure if I’m dense on this, but did you two have sex, or did you just whip it out and show her? If you two had sex, then the degree to her ease in taking everything is the indicator of whether she was lying or not about enjoying behemoths.

If you just whipped it out and showed her, then she’s had the upper hand in the relationship now. Luvdadus may be right, she’s doing this for the mind-fuck. Believe me, being on both the receiving and giving end of the mind-fuck, I know first hand in the fact that it’s the most effective thing to keep someone in line.

Beside all this I’d taken her by her words and got her a large cucumber, handing it over to her saying “Sounds promising, my little cow pussy! How about a little demonstration? I’d love to get off watching you fucking this fat cucumber and seeing your gaping hole when you pull it out” :eek:

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Yeah L Born, thats exactly what I was thinking, call her on it. If nothing else you get a good show, also ask if you can capture the moment on film.

Maybe you got dealt one of RWG’s infamous cow pussies?

A good indicator would be if you had trouble getting in because she had “something stuck up there”, and upon closer inspection it was an ex boyfriend she thought ran away in the night lodged inside her cavern? :D

Hey that’s not fair - people with faster connections posted the same shit before I got the chance. It’s a conspiracy I tells ya.

Don’t worry about it, your big!!

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Two things going on here my friend…

Luvdadus is right on with his assertion that she is renting space in your head… Furthermore, if she has a hot body then the main thing you need to be worried about it sinking your dick into her ass. Just tell her it works the same way a snake eats something larger then itself and based on her previous experiences it’s “old hat”…

L born and Secjay are also correct in that miss hottie has cow pussy… She no doubt been told by guys she liked; “fuck you have a big cunt” *as well as information about her getting back to her via other people*, such as: “Jim says you have a loose pussy”.. This is horrific for a woman to deal with and the only way she can survive is to practice the 1st strike method in order to give you a reason for her “sink hole” that isn’t her fault (guys with huge dicks fucked me and made my cunt loose, they busted my cunt)… Just another reason in a long list of reasons to correct her like this…

Girl: “oh I can take a lot there, all my last experiences were, errr, rather horse cock huge.”

You: “Oh sweetie, I was talking about your ass, you know it’s the primary sex organ for a woman don’t you?


You are a big size. The previous women verify that. I think you are going to have to figure out for sure where she was coming from. It’s going to require knowing more about her thoughts on sex. Was it a tactic to keep you in line or is she just an open person about sex? There is a real chance she is a size queen, especially since she says she can take so much. You are big enough even for size queens, so perhaps she felt comfortable talking with you about her huge experience. Perhaps she’s not a size queen and size isn’t important to her?

You are the big guy that guys like me hear about from women we are with. You are getting a taste of what I have had to deal with with every woman I’ve known. Yeah, there are going to be guys that are even bigger than you, but at some point dicks become too big and women will actually not want to have intercourse, except for some size queens. Even if she could take a huge one, it doesn’t have to mean she enjoyed it as much as your size. You need to know more about her it sounds.

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Hopefully she’s not the dreaded cow pussy. If that’s the case, then there isn’t much hope for a great sex life in intercourse other than getting huge yourself.

Wow! Thanks for all of the replies and feedback- I knew I could take this issue to this message board and get some good advice :)

To clarify a few questions asked:

- No, we did not have sex. She got me to whip it out.

- The anal comments might not work because I’ve already made reference to that and she said something along the lines of “yeah I’ve done that before” (with a smirk of course).

- I might actually try the cucumber comment ;) Unfortunately I don’t think she’ll bring this subject up again. You see, I was VERY quiet after she said this to me because I was at a loss for words.

You know… this might be a mind-fuck situation, but I just wish… I should have told her to make the size dimensions with her hands (at least that would have given me some comfort so I could set my goals with some idea of what size to strive for).

Oh and to think, I was doing PE for MYSELF, and I vowed to not get involved with a girl until I have reached my goal. I guess I blew that one- poontang is a powerful thing.

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I uploaded two pics taken right after I started to post this thread...

I uploaded two pics in the members section. Feel free to check them out- they were taken right after I posted the first post for this thread.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003


I hope you will keep us posted on anything you come to realise about her concerning this. I’m always putting pieces together to understand clearer about different types of women. I have heard a couple of women talk about what they could take and in those cases there were strong indications they were size queens. Women do mind fuck also so it is a curious situation. Your being quiet may have thrown a curve into finding out things.

I ve heard of elephant pussy, but king kong ?. Com’on now.Aren’t we getting a little disproportionate.

I should have told her to make the size dimensions with her hands (at least that would have given me some comfort so I could set my goals with some idea of what size to strive for).

Dude if you actually make the mistake of asking her to show you how long her past lovers’ rods were I bet she’ll spread her hands 12 inches apart, then she’ll make a circle as thick as a friggin pole with her hands to show you how big she thought their girth was. That will only add to your insecurities. When you ask her to do these kind of things it will be very obvious to her that you have size insecurities and she will use this against you one day.

The discussion you had with her might just have been a one-off but if she brings it up again she must be a size queen with cow pussy and as RWG always says a cow pussy ain’t fun. In that case my best advice would be do a humpty dumpty - hump her then dump her and move on to the next one

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