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Short Foreskin.

Short Foreskin.

Has anyone else here that is uncircumcised got a short foreskin?

All the time I have been here I have never read about it and it is concerning me.

My ex girlfriends (when they see my penis) always ask if I am circumcised and I had always answered that I don’t know.
I had never taken any notice of how other guys looked when in changing rooms, in fact I purposely kept my eyes away.

The first time I saw for myself how other penises looked was when I joined here and looked at some of the gains in picture proof and I then though I looked circumcised.

I am in my late thirties and during the last Christmas holidays when I went home I plucked up courage to ask my Mother if I had been circumcised (it was during an episode of Nip Tuck :) ) and she said no. I believe her because there is no reason to lie to me.

I have a frenulum and since starting PE my skin has stretched a bit but it is still no covering any of my Glans.

Does anyone have any theories or information on why I might have a short foreskin?

Perhaps, when you were an infant, a family pet bit part of it off?

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It’s just the way it grows. Some people have about 1”-1½” of excess? forskin when flaccid, and have it covering the head even with an erection.
Others have most foreskin except a little of the head is always showing.

It’s the same as Penis size really. Some are large. some smaller, Some fat some thin.

It’s just the way we are put together.


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I also have short foreskin it covers my head partially when flaccid but when erect I look circumsized it’s bizarre but it doesn’t really matter .. A guy used a saying one time when he was tryin to sell me a boat that had no brand name on it when I asked him what brand it was he said mate it’s a boat it goes who gives a shit and laughed I guess that applies to alot of things.

Originally Posted by mbuc
Perhaps, when you were an infant, a family pet bit part of it off?

Yeah parhaps, why didn’t I think of that?


Was it a skiff or was it motor vessel? It it was the latter you bet your ass it makes a difference.

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