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Short and stocky people who gain help me!!!

Short and stocky people who gain help me!!!

Well, and interesting point was raised up a while ago about every one having a different body type. So I figured if we follow in the path of the gainers who have similar body type, the rest of us could benefit from it.

Ok, I’m 5”6 165 lbs right now, mostly muscle (a minor beer drinking gut hehe) and my cock size is 6.34 x 4.8.

If any of you guys had similar stats and have good gains or fair gains even, please tell me your routines and diet. Thanks my friends.

Okay I am about your same height but I am heavier in weight right now. I started with 5 7/8 BPEL X 4 7/8” girth in June 03.

I am now 7 1/4-3/8 BPEL X 5 3/8 to 5 1/2” girth

My diet is lean protein, low glycemic vegetables and fruits. Lots of water and working out 5 days a week. I do my fair share of drinking alcohol which is my one weakness. (Other than poker, hot women and fast cars)

I have not stuck to a single routine long enough to give it the credit for any of my gains. Currently I pump 5 days a week which has helped with my girth but not length. For length I have used the max extender, penimaster, stretches, and jelqing.

Good luck

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’m short and stocky @ 5’7” and around 180 lbs. I’ve been doing PE for almost a month now.
I’ve gained (a little) starting at 6.5” x 4.8” with a mild downward curve. And I just measured
Last night, now I’m 6.75” x 5” and the curve is much less noticeable.

My diet consist of fast food and junk food. And I chain smoke like no tomorrow.

I was the BIGGEST skeptic til now. But even this slight gain has got me VERY motivated.

I do mostly streches (cranking style) and jelqs throughout the day; probably an hours worth.

This is way too cool. And as soon as I reach 7” x 5.5” I’m donating to this forum.

Maybe in another month I’ll either make or by me a streching device.

Thanks for commenting, keep the comments coming guys. May I suggest other people with other body types starting threads as well, maybe this is a good idea.

I am short and stocky too at 5’6” and 158 lbs. I just started PE last week, so I haven’t seen any gains yet.

Basically doing the newbie routine right now, but do ten minutes of stretching instead of five and add an extra hot wrap between the stretching and jelq’s.

I try to keep fast food out of my diet, but do eat out every once in a while. When at home, it is usually pretty light food during the day. For dinner I always eat a salad, and steak or chicken breast, etc. I try to eat as much fruit and veggies as possible.

I also drink a shitload of tea, drink a few beers a week, take a multivitamin and take creatine - although this stuff isn’t necessarily PE related.

I was just wondering what lean protein is and Glycemic vegetables and fruits are. Thanks Bro.

Originally Posted by johnnydeppyo
I was just wondering what lean protein is and Glycemic vegetables and fruits are. Thanks Bro.


For me lean protein is turkey, chicken breast, fish and very little red meat. Low glycemic veggies for me are tomatoes, green beans, navy beans, black beans, lettuces, cukes, cauliflower, broccolli, zucchinni, eggplant, artichoke hearts, peppers, onions, celery, stuff like that. High glycemic veggies would be potatoes, carrots, corn or white processed rice. I am not saying they dont have benefits just not when I am shedding weight.

Fruits are almost always on the higher glycemic scale but I still eat my share of apples, pineapple and oranges.
Good luck.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Well I think this is my first post. I have been reading Thunders Place for some time now and have read a lot of good information about PE’ing. I have gained a great deal of knowledge about my anatomy and what my penis can endure. I’m just now to the point where my ligs are constantly sore and I am trying to maintain that by taking the approach of every 4th day off. I PE 3 days then rest one and use a more advanced manual routine of stretches, jelqs, horse squeezes (or whatever they are called) V-stretches, again..whatever they are called, and now I have started to clamp. I can’t seem to get the cord type clamps to work well for me so I’ve modified a standard metal strap hose clamp. For those wanting information, let me know. I was having the same questions myself about height and build. I’m 5’6” and 180lbs. I am mostly muscle but have a bit of a gut and love handles. When I started PE’ing, I was BPEL 5.5” x 5.25”. After about 3 months intermittent PE, then about a year break, I’m back on my routine. I’ve been PE’ing this time around for about 3 months. I’m much more serious this time. Now I’m BPEL 6.25” x 5.5”. My long term goals are the fabled 8” x 6” but I’d be happy with anything better than what I am now.

How do you calculate around to european numbers, I an 174 cm, what is that in x’x” ~ 68,5 inches. And how do calculate the lbs to kg?

Dude - your crazy. 5'9" and 165 lbs. (174 cm. and 75 kg.) Come on Crazy, do the workout. Dammit. Need motivation. My rutine. Lenght: Manuel strech, hanging. Grith: Jelc, Sadsak Slinky, Ring. Curve: Jelc and errect bend against the curve ELBP......EG..........Date 7.500.....5.500......2001-07-15 8.250.....5.750......2003-03-15 8.500.....5,750......2003-06-13 - stopped for 2 years 8.250.....5,750......2005-06-13 9.000.....6.500......Goal

I am 5’3” and 175lbs. I look like Danny fucking Devito. I have a short fat cock with a giant head on it. It looks just like me! Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh - 7 1.8” long by 6 1/4” girth. I am an easy girth gainer but hard to gain length. I think I have gained a lot of girth due to Horse440s and Jelqing every day. Edging/ballooning has helped as well.


There are 2.2 lbs for every Kilogram. There 2.54 cm for every inch and 12 inches in every foot.

I am short like you - a shade under 5 ft 7 inches and weigh just under 150lbs. I have a very muscular body with little extra weight due to using a low-fat diet and considerable cardio routines as well as lifting weights 4 times a week. I have been on this routine for the past 6 or 7 years.

I only started on the PE about 4 weeks ago. My erect length was 6.250 and girth was 5.250.
I have not remeasured since but I am guessing that I am over 7 inches now and with probably the same girth as when I started. I am not going to remeasure until 2 months have passed so that any game will be an incentive to keep going.

I warm up for 5 minutes, using a hot water container, stretch for about 8 minutes and then do 500 wet jelqes followed by some more stretching. I try to work out most days but depends upon my schedule so would probably average 5 days a week.

So far no bad effects except for a little tenderness just below the gumdrop.


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