Shock routine worked! I saw results in two weeks!

Toss me up as a true believer for a shock routine! One of my last posts here was about figuring out my plateau.

I was suggested to try a shock routine- take a week off and then hit the PE full throttle. I did that… I did not start over with a beginners routine I just did 30 min stretching, and 30 min jelqs (at least 20min) and in two weeks!

My flaccid bone pressed measurement went up about .25” in two weeks from this. Now some measurements were inconsistent! However, after this month of November came to a close- I began seeing more consistent measurements. Which means two things:

1. erect length BP gains are coming hopefully and

2. I need to keep consistent so I can maintain this new gain.

[color=sky blue] So If you are in a slump or have plateaued- Do a Shock Routine after a week or two off! [/color]

Thanks to all who helped me out on that post way back in early November!

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