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"Shock Routine" for this weekend....

"Shock Routine" for this weekend....

Hey all,

After reading a ton of posts with regards to reaching a Plateau stage, I’ve decided to go ahead with a shock routine on Sunday and then take 7-10 days off. I hope this kick-starts the growth again.

My current routine is 5 days on 2 off and:

10 min hot wrap
15 min stretching
30 min jelq
5 min hot wrap

For my Shock routine on I think will do this routine 3 times on Sunday (morning, noon and again at night) and up the jelq to 45 minutes in each session.

Then I will begin a new routine after the break period of:

10 min hot wrap
15 min stretching
20 min jelq
10 min Uni’s

I’m hoping adding the Uni’s will jumpstart some growth in the girth area.

I would appreciate any comments/suggestions with regards to the Shock routine or my new routine afterwards.


Just my input here.

5 on / 2 off for jelqing seems alot to me, especially with 30 min. jelq sessions. I’d question whether your lack of rest is an issue.

OTOH, 20 min sessions in your new routine is a good session time for jelqing. I’d wonder if you’d benefit from a 2 on / 1 off routine with your new routine (after your shocking).

Would also suggest that you do the shock routine after taking two days off, just to prepare for it. One day off after the shock and into your new routine.

That’s just what I would try and thought I’d mention it.

Make sure your manual stretching is safe. I’ve been reading alot lately about guys who are stressing out the nerves with the manual stretching (guess it’s the tight grip).

Let us know how the shock routine goes!

Thanks for the input Buster.

Yeah, after reading a lot of the posts, I got the impression that my 30 min jelq routine 5 days a week might be a bit much. That’s the reason for the reduction to 20 min sessions. I may take your advice and go to the 2 days on 1 day off routine when I start back-up

Hadn’t heard the advice about resting for 2 days before doing a shock routine. That’s sounds like pretty good idea, I’ll do that. I’ll stop on Thur. and rest until Sunday.

Over time I’ve reduced my manuel stretch sessions downward. I was doing a ton of them and think I have over done it. No problems or pain, but the tip of the head is slightly discolored and I believe its as a result of having to grab below the head so tightly to get a good stretch. I’m moving away from the stretching part and more into Uni’s and Jelq. Will only do “light” stretching from here on out.

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