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Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

Chemically peeling the head of an uncut penis to increase sensitivity? Good grief, what has happened to this thread?

Peeling is a last resort to remove long-lasting discoloration on shaft skin. It works for most. Complications are possible, some in these pages. I’ve resisted, but maybe I should try to write up a summary with some warnings.

If anyone else has done peels using wart remover or any other similar chemical, please post your results.

I did; it burnt less than I expected, and it worked in removing a considerable amount of discoloration.

Never tried the peeling of the glans, though. Never had to, fortunately: using ADS the glans skin just dried and peeled of by itself, with no pain.

A part of my penis started shedding badly two days ago, leaving a nice clean spot on my penis, where it used to be darker. I’m unsure what caused the shedding, either it was this Nautica shower gel I used for lube and didn’t wash up, Or it was the Retin A 0.1 I apply to my shoulders for stretch marks, I masturbated soon after without washing my hands. But I’m quite suprised as how my dark area that’s been there for years is now a nice light even skin tone.

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Guys! listen using the salicylic acid for warts is to strong for colored penises. If you’re caucasian you can do it. But for ethnic people where your cock is darker than your skin tone beware! I’ve been using retin-a, it takes longer but safer for the darkening on the penis. It slowly sloths away the the skin, no damage.. I’ve gotten great results with this. I’m latino so far so good.

I have a bit of a discolored penis due to masturbating without lube. Been back reading a bit. Will try retin A

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Can anyone of the members who have done this peeling comment on whether the discoloration has stayed away or not? Have you continued PE after the peeling or changed your habits in any way?

I’m about to go this route too. I already tried with ~10% Wart remover (we don’t have stronger here in Finland), but only got very limited peeling near the shaft base. I’ve now got 15 and 20% mixtures which I plan to test out.

Mine didn’t stay away completely, and you have to stay off of it for a while while it’s healing. If you start again too soon the discolouration gets even wrose.

I use TCA 30%. It works very well. If you try it, make sure to apply a sufficient amount. If it is not enough, you won’t get the “icing”. If that is the case, the peeling is not deep enough and you won’t benefit.

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Did a test on the dark ring (of 2) around my penis from hanging with the bib and exacerbated with sporadic to moderate bath mate usage . On a mild “pain killer” currently to reduce pain. Not too bad already 5 min in with icing. Using generic wart remover 17%. Thanks hobby

Routine: Hanging + Bathmate @ night. Discoloration prevention: Liquid Vitamin A, Neosporin, Scarzone Bruise Cream (arnica) Vitamin E cream + firegoat rolls

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If you have tried chemically peeling, please post what you used, how it went, and any other updates here. The more feedback, the more is learned, and the better for everyone in the long run.

Good luck to everyone experimenting with this. As I have tried to convey many times before, this isn’t a science, only an experiment I decided to try. Your results may vary, so please approach this cautiously if you do it at all. Burn a small test spot first and see how that works out. Be patient.

So why is discoloration a big issue? Does that mean circulation isn’t getting to that part of the skin?

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Ohhhh! Just put some compound W on. Whewwwwww! Hello! Ayeeee!

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…from circ scar to base, top to bottom, all of it. mercy.

6'4", 210

2011/2 - NBPEL:9.7, BPEL:10.2, BPFSL:10.5, MSEG:6.5 [PE start]

2012/2 - NBPEL:10.1, BPEL:10.6, BPFSL:10.7, MSEG:6.75

I think someone’s holding a lighter under my cock! In a strange way, it hurts, but it feels goo… no, it hurts!

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2011/2 - NBPEL:9.7, BPEL:10.2, BPFSL:10.5, MSEG:6.5 [PE start]

2012/2 - NBPEL:10.1, BPEL:10.6, BPFSL:10.7, MSEG:6.75

Has anyone here done a peel and been able to remove fordyce spots?


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