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She said "too big?"


She said "too big?"

My wife emphatically told me last night that I’m too big (long) for her, but I don’t really believe her. She said she wouldn’t want me any longer because it would hurt her and I wouldn’t be satisfied not being able to go all the way into her.

What made matters worse was that as I entered her last night, a couple of times I wasn’t careful and hit her cervix. That really hurt her. But later, I was more careful and was able to go in without touching it. If I go in slowly, it won’t hurt her. I don’t think I reached her CDS either. She wasn’t complaining when I went in really deep, but slowly and carefully.

So I’m currently at 6 and 15/16ths. I have no intention on stopping before I reach 8.

The funny thing is that when she said “I wouldn’t want you to be any longer,” I got a bit nervous. Was she on to me and my PE? I just chuckled and said “like I have a choice in the matter?”

There’s no way I’m too big for her. I’m going to keep going until my tip can massage her CDS. Just gotta be careful about angle of entry and force.

Do you concur?

Same happens to me Rambone. At 7.25 BP I can bump her cervix and it will hurt her for days afterward. You have to be careful, because if she starts to relate sex to pain, then you’ll get less and less of it, just like what happened to me.

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

Sounds like a plan Rambone. Her nervousness comes from her cervix getting hit. Making sure she has had time for it to tent (takes about 20 minutes I think) before intercourse so as to less likely slam into her cervix, and then by becoming longer and reaching her cds (fornix), I bet you will change her mind. Good luck on your goal.

Pray for me! I really want at least 8! She will be pleased if I plan my entry well.

I heard the same comment from Mrs. 5379 a couple of times. Afterwards I stopped all length oriented routines and concentrated on girth. It was not long before she had adjusted to the new length and off I went again.


"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood

Guys. Please don’t forget to post BP or NBP in regards to your length measurments. Thanks.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I have that same problem sometimes with Mr6inch….. which really should be Mr.7 inch! I don’t want him to work on length at all. It seems that sometimes he hits my cervix in certain positions, and also when I’m not completly wet it hurts a lot to.

I think it’s possible to knock the cervix with almost any length. As I’ve grown over an inch, I have not noticed any increase in the frequency of unfortunate cervix hits. When I’m not smacking it, however, things seem to be MUCH improved.

Isn’t is ironic you work hard trying to make you unit bigger. To give more pleasure to you and her. And you end up causing pain instead of pleasure.

Fortunately for me my wife wants my unit bigger. And she doesn’t pretend or beat around the bush. She says emphatically that she wants a bigger unit. So fortunately for me if I can make it big enough. Unfortunately if I can’t.

Isn’t it ironic that I start PE with the notion I had a big unit to begin with. If I don’t succeed I will come out of this thinking I’m not big enough.

I think God finds irony to be the most entertaining aspect in human behavior.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I find women can take length more comfortably in the “doggy” position. You may want to try that more often.

Go for girth for awhile, like me. That’s what they really love.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

I don’t give a damn about my gf’s pain, if someday it happens that she can’t take me, I wouldn’t mind when she slept with a guy with a smaller one LOL

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


The inherent problem is womens size vary just as much as mens. There are women with shorter vagina’s, and larger men can be a problem. Theres also women with larger ones that will adore you. It’s a unique issue to consider. Perhaps the truly best way, is to wait until your married, assess your loved ones size, and work with yours to become a better match. Unfortunately, I don’t think their is way to decrease size, so the larger you get the more risky it is. I for one plan to stay at 7.5 if I get there, I’m at 7.2 now. You have to think about it, some women will adore you badly with a large one, but you also risk losing others that may better like you if you we’re smaller, again very unique issue lol.

Too big is better than too small though.


Between 7” and 8” seems to be a rather desireble size. I will work towards that goal.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

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