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She said "too big?"

Originally Posted by jm
Too big is better than too small though.

I agree. Besides you just don’t hear women complaining to much that it’s too big. They are always making it’s to small comments. Not to me don’t misunderstand.
I never heard this…
well once…

twice maybe….at least I don’t hear it anymore dammit!!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

My wifey tells me to stop as well.”your big enough”. I say when I have 8” hanging between my legs I will be big enough. The other day there was a cucumber on the counter, I said this is how big I want to be. I said if I get that big would you like to ride it, with her naughty grin she said yes. Then she said how big is it, so I measured it and it was 9” x 6.5”, so there you go she tells me I’m big enough (7” bp x 5 7/8” EG). In the back of my mind I know better…..hehehehe……..

I’ve just got a quick thing to add about hitting the cervix. I’m 5.75 bpel and i’ve hit my wife’s cervix in certain positions before. So it can happen with any size dick. We just started experimenting with a few different positions and everything worked out great. Maybe this can help someone out. Probably not though. But I’m just rying to say that if you’re not careful, there’s a chance you’re gonna hit the cervix no matter what if you’re in certain positions.


People need to stop and think a little about what they might be giving up, when they shoot for certain goals, especially if you are in a long term relationship, or married. My girlfriend really likes it hard and fast. At first, slow is good, and at a bigger size, I am sure that would feel even better. But she says that going slow is more of a tease, and once she gets really going, she just wants it hard and fast. She likes it deep too, but there is a point to where if you are too big, you will be going too deep to slam her really hard without causing severe pain. So anyway, I know that’s what my girl likes, and at 7 x 5.5, I am nearing the fine line between pleasure and pain. Right now, I think I could go a little more on girth and length, after all, she made a comment today, which made me feel great. She said “the way you stretch me and fuck me, is breathtaking”. But she has also made comments recently about being sore for days afterwards. She wasn’t really complaining, but I wonder if I really should be getting much bigger.

Can I meet your girlfriend? Maybe just a dinner and a walk on the beach.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

haha, not gonna fall for that. I’m sure you have more than dinner and a walk on the beach on your mind ;)

It’s just that she sounds like such a nice girl.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

She is very nice and sweet, but also very naughty!

gotta like ‘em naughty………..

Well, what I’m saying, is she loves a walk on the beach. Until we find a secluded spot …

OK you got me, I was thinking about getting some ice cream after the walk.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Perhaps you are not giving enough time to her vagina to prolongate. Her vagina will enlarge(became wider and deeper) when she is on her climax.

I started 5.75x5 and now at 7.5x6(6.5 at base), so I could see the difference. I think I learned very well that: if you have a big cock, you have to know what you are doing… sure a big can cause much more pleasure then a small cock, but if you have a big cock and you don’t know what you are doing, you can became worst lover with a big cock than you would be with a small one(with most partners).

You have to start to fuck like you have a big cock! Get her aroused before you fuck her… eat her pussy for 15min and play on her G spot with your fingers, start to fuck her slow first, press the head of your cock against her G spot. If it is dry, spit on your cock. I made love with about 150 girls and on my view 80% of the girls can take a 8.5x7(or more) when they are full aroused without pain. When she is aroused her cervix can go back(2-5”), and you can pass it under(.5-1) or upper(1-2”)

Maybe all you need is same reading, try:

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She loves ice cream. And trust me, when you see her licking it off the spoon … need i say more? ;)

But back on topic, anyone in a serious long term relationship, should really listen and pay attention to their woman. If she says you are getting too big, you are really running a risk if you keep pushing it too far. Like I said, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. Not to mention, you may be limiting yourself to fewer positions that are comfortable for her, when she really enjoyed some of those positions at your previous size. Just something to think about.

Originally Posted by dafranca
I made love with about 150 girls

lol. Made love with 150!? LOVE?? Your use of words is pretty off there man. But if you can actually end up in a relationship with a girl after her knowing you’ve been with that many girls, that’s luck. I thought only porn stars would have that many partners. Yikes, man. Girls get freaked out that I’ve been with 10 girls and I’m 26.

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

Originally Posted by MustBeDreaming
LOVE?? Your use of words is pretty off there man.

The individual understanding of love is totally subjective, is like discussing about politics, religion or sport. It will be a waste of time by leading us to a Byzantinism Discuss, since each one have their own understanding of love is.

Originally Posted by MustBeDreaming
I thought only porn stars would have that many partners.

“Tell me who you walk/hang with, and I will tell who you are!”. This sentence is very accurate to define sexual activity of men. When you are in group, and in this group all you talk about and plain about is to get laid, your desire for sex is intensified and in the group doesn’t exist the sense of own a person, and nobody retaliate nobody by scoring the other friend(from the group) girls. Most of my friends fuck 20-30 girls/year.
When you are young, have money, have nice body, have self-confidence, have same culture, know what women wants, have high libido, have free time and love sex above all, the sky became the limit.
When you hang with a girl, and she see you as a alpha male. Most of the girls friends will see you as alpha male too and after you are done with her, you will easily score their friends too.

Originally Posted by MustBeDreaming
Girls get freaked out that I’ve been with 10 girls and I’m 26.

The number one rule in any relationship is never, never, never talk about previews relationship. If she brings it up, change the subject. Talking or asking about the past(yours or hers) is a loser attitude. It only brings insecurity, jealous, distrust and same times disgust.


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