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She said I was the first...


She said I was the first...

She said I was the first guy she ever had sex with that didn’t hurt.

Ok, here’s the lowdown. I have a friend who I “hang out” with from time to time. Whenever we have sex, my first priority is her orgasm (via oral). Mainly because it gets me off the hook as far as stamina is concerned during the first inning. (Sidenote: the “first inning” typically lasts about two or three minutes of penetrative sex, then after my refractory period, about 5 or 10 minutes, I go into perma-hard mode… literally hours.)

Anyway, after her orgasm, she’s typically sopping wet. I slowly ease into her and the first thing I notice is a rather large, rigid, bump that is pretty shallow (I’d say about 4-5” deep). I’m assuming this is her cervix. I try pointing my cockhead away from the bump. If we’re in missionary, I ride high until I get past. From there, I go to town, trying my best not to pull out shallower than her cervix.

Anyway, we were sitting around one day and just talking when she mentions out of the five guys she’s been with, I was the only one that didn’t hurt. I asked why and she shrugged, not knowing why. She did mention that they were all pretty selfish men who were in too much of a hurry and too concerned about themselves to try pleasing her.

I asked if I was on the smaller side (6” long, 5.6” girth) and her answer was that she wasn’t sure.

At the risk of sounding like I’m tooting my own horn (well I ok, I am) I was just wondering how common her last four lovers are?

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Its possible that the other lovers did no forplay or didn’t properly “warm-up” the goods before entering. If this is the case, it is likely that she wouldn’t be fully aroused and either be too tight or not lubed up enough. Either of those things would result in uncomfortable sex.

Since you are giving her an orgasm before sex you are definetly taking care of those potential downfalls, thus the sex is much more comfortable. In response to the question of how the other guys shape up, its doubtful that any would be substantially bigger than you. Your stats surely put you on the larger end of things (especially if that length measurement is NBPEL), and 5.6 girth is definetly above average.

I think she is trying to compliment you and in the roundabout way we PE’ers sometimes think, we hear, “Sex with past guys has been uncomfortable” and then we think “Past lovers must have been huge.” In this situation It seems to me that you are the better lover. If your giving her orgasms and continually messing around with one another, she digs it and she digs you so don’t fret too much.

Yep. It’s more probable what doubles said rather than her four past lover we’re above 6” girth

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Yo, not to sound like a dick. But she knows the size of the other dude’s penises. She just isn’t telling you they are larger. That’s why you don’t hurt her, because your not as long or thick as the other partners and or they neglect foreplay.

Thanks for the feedback (you too, illpo). I’m not going to lose a lot of sleep about her past, just the knowledge that I am the best is enough.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Two years ago I had sex with my friends sister.he was cool with it but anyways she was only 4’11” at 19yrs old. I’m 6.25”NBPEL x 5.7”EG and she took it all and wanted more but that’s as big as I get. I was her 5th lover but she said her last two hurt her, even though I am way bigger than both of them she said, but for some reason she says she gets more turned on looking at my dick and that’s why I think she can take it all.she’s more wet.

As she noted herself that the previous guys were selfish and were always in a hurry. Women don’t always know what their vagina’s are doing but I am sure the foreplay, oral and orgasm you gave her before penile sex is what made the sex less painful. She just couldn’t put two and two together apparently. :) That’s why she mentioned it. In this case it is the greatest of compliments. Unless you are some sadistic bastard who just wants to hurt women with your penis heh.

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sheddinskin19: She was definitely wet, wet, wet. Mmmmm, another great compliment.

SiamGuy: Probably so. It just took me aback and my usual self depricating paranoia looked at the bleak side of things first.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

If she had 5 previous lovers and you measure 6x5.7, then it is very improbable that ALL her previous guys were bigger than you (by the definition of average).

Illpo always seems to have some kind of negative thing to say to make sure that everyone feels inadequate about their size, no matter what it is.

In the case of your girl, it sounds like a classic example of technique, not size being the most important factor. It could also be that she is one of the many women who do not think that bigger is better.

It could be that you were her biggest, yet did not hurt her, or smallest. Probably in between. Either way, she liked it.

I have to disagree on the thought that her last 5 lovers were larger. 6x5.7 is an average on length and above average on girth (is that 6” bpel or nbpel?)

Add an inch onto that length and you will be sitting in a very, very nice size.

There is no doubt that for many women giving them an orgasm before intercourse gets them “ready” for penetration.

I’m sorry for not being naive. I’m not trying to make anyone feel inadequate, they are really feel inadequate by PE’ing and by asking us for input. You seem to think that above 7 inches is rare. Delete 1,2,3 and maybe 4 and 5 inch erections out of the dating pool. AAl otof males who are under 4 inches erect are insecure and scared to have sex. It’s almost like the kid who knows he is going to fail the test not even going to class to take it. So even though the bell curve says that some people will get A’s and F’s. A few more will get B’s and D’s and the rest will get C’s. We will see that since some people who we’re going to get the F’s and D’s either didn’t goto class or straight dropped the class. So the class usually ends up having a lot of Cs, B’s and A’s.

Need to get it out of your head that even though 6 is average and impossible that anything larger exists. Because there’s been plenty of times when I thought a C was a good grade till I realize most of the class got B’s and A’s. Depends on the pool.

Also remember 7 is also average. Almost like a 79 grade. C+.

Toolguy: 6” nbpel and it’s 5.6” eg, not 5.7” (yet)

illpo: I know some day that post will make sense. Hang in there, bud.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

No offense intended but I can’t possibly see that if a girl says it doesn’t hurt that you would construe that as a compliment..

My night isnt done until I get an ouch!

I’d probably be a bit offended personally, but I know that with the girlfriend if I take the time to warm her up carefully it’s no problem at all, but without foreplay, it’s very painful for her. Strangely, I’d love to give her some foreplay for plenty of time beforehand, she wants just enough that we can jump into sex.

Originally Posted by pabs

My night isnt done until I get an ouch!

Well, you’re working with plenty to get that. When I was 6 1/4 bp x 4.5 mid (4.75 base) I at times lasted a very long time with some heavy pounding and wouldn’t get one ouch from women. Though this is with just one woman to go by, since I’ve grown I can now get an occasional oh with less than you have.

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