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Shaving/Trimming Discomfort


Shaving/Trimming Discomfort

I just posted a similar post in the thread seven and thought maybe other guys here might have more to offer.

I am a hairy person and would like to eliminate, or at least reduce, the hair on my pubic region. When I trim with scissors the hair feels like needles on my member, especially after PE routines that leave skin feeling tender. I don’t want to shave myself bald because that would look really obvious on my already hairy body. I was wondering if anybody has a good idea for a way to deal with the “needles in my shorts” problem after trimming the hair. I would like to have a thin line above my tool, like a mustache, and then thin out the hair around my tool.

Something else- I am using Godzilla’s routine in post #15 of the thread seven in the main member forum and it involves a lot of good stretching. Are there any suggestions that can be made to help me in getting a good grip. The skin around my circumcision scar is sore when I am done stretching. I was thinking that maybe a small child’s sock with the foot part cut off would help soften the grip.

Did any of that make sense??

The best thing is plucking the hairs. That way they will grow back with ‘soft’ thin tapered ends, the ways hairs naturally grow. Of course this takes a lot of time to do. But it does last a lot longer than shaving though.

Are you using baby powder for grip on your stretches?

Hadn’t thought of powder for grips. I will try it.

Do you pluck EVERY hair or just those on the shaft? I think I would look stupid completely bald

I pluck just the ones on the shaft. Did the ones on the sack a couple times too. It takes forever, and you need to hold the surrounding skin tight or it can hurt.

Hurt is right. I learned that last night about holding the skin tight. I tdoes take a long time, especially since I have hair growing about one-third of the way up the shaft. How short do you trim the rest of the hair then? Do you use scissors or trimmers??

First of all, I dont shave on days that I wear coolots, only when I wear short skirts and pumps, and sometimes hotpants. Just kidding :)

Being that you are hairy, and it will look odd to go “bald”, why dont you use a trimmer, to blend in the pubic region, i.e. trim lightly above the unit. Then, throw shaving cream on and around the unit, and shave it down, leaving like a small circle, of shaved-ness, around the unit, and shave the scrotum down as well. Yes, be wicked careful.

At first, you think it looks and feels odd, but then you’ll get used to it, and it’s actually very comfortable. I did for comfort purposes for jogging.

For maintenance, just give it a quick shave every 2 - 3 days.

cead mile failte :lep:

SixerMan is right, it may take you a few tries to get it shaped up like you want, but after that, a quick maintenance trim every 3 days or so will keep you looking, and feeling neat. I use a Seiko Cleancut. It is very safe, quiet, and is battery operated. The link below might also help. They give some pretty solid advice.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

I’d stick with the plucking………Once you’ve done it once the hairs grow back thinner and come out easier the next time. Then it’s just a case of gardening once a week with no chance of gashing the old fella with a blade !!!?!?!

Go buy a beard trimmer for $10 and trim it all to the length you desire in a few seconds. The attachments keep you from trimming shorter than you want to.

Has anyone used Kalo?

Does it work as promised?

Whatever you decide to do, do not use hot wax.

cead mile failte :lep:

Originally Posted by SixerMan

Whatever you decide to do, do not use hot wax.

Why, I thought it was kind of fun..running around like a chook with no head, skin ripped from my sack, still stuck to the strip(:


So I have trimmed very close on the top with the electric trimmers and it matches up pretty well with the hair on my stomach and chest. What do I do about helping to get rid of the Needle like feeling. Insane says to pluck but I don’t want to pluck above the shaft and I really don’t have the time to pluck the sack either so I trimmed really close WITH A GUARD ON THE TRIMMER. Started without the guard and got a little cut- hurts like hell and bleeds alot too… anyway, there has to be something I can do to help with the Pins and Needles feeling that I have rubbing on my head from the hairs that are above the dick. Would powder work????

I think if you load up with shaving cream, and use a female shaver, and go very slow, you shouldn’t have a problem. Possibly the first time might be the hardest, but then the 2-3 day maintenance should be a breeze. I wouldn’t use the trimmer around the unit, without the guard on, I think the skin is too loose and sensitive for that.

cead mile failte :lep:

Originally Posted by SixerMan

Whatever you decide to do, do not use hot wax.

Well I wish I had read this thread last night. All I can say is … OUCH. :)

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