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Do you shave around your penis


No I just trim, I do shave the shaft. Shaving is the easiest way to make your dick look bigger

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I trim the bigger area, and shave the shaft and balls.

I shave the shaft and the balls. I try to only trim the pubic hair around my dick.

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.

I shave my shaft. I only shave my balls when they start to grow a ZZ Top beard! Pubes get the trimmer.

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I shave the shaft, far on the underside down towards the balls and then a bit up into the pubes so that I get a good seal from a pump.

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It’s not as common in England to shave. I trim with scissors to keep it in check and pluck the shaft.

I don’t shave as it makes the hair thicker/tougher. I use a little machine with these rotating tweezers to get most of them and then tweeze out the few remaining manually.

It hurts, but you get used to it, also after a few years of this I have hardly any hair on my balls now and the hairs on my shaft continually get thinner/lighter.

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

I shave the shaft and a little past it. I trim the pubes as well.

Franga, what is this rotating tweezer machine?

The brand is “Emjoi” it is an epilator there a few models and I think other brands it basically has these rotating tweexers that pick up even small hairs. It is mains powered but I believe you can get a battery model.

My woman got it for the arms, legs and underarms now she helps me with the balls and I do the shaft and maintenance.

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

I have to say I trim and pluck around the base and the shaft. Like Franga says,”It hurts but you do get use to it”. Plus it’s better than trimming all the way cause that causes you to itch just to much where plucking keeps you cleaner looking and for a longer amount of time.

I shave around the penis and the balls,make my dick look bigger

I was a shaver for years but now pluck. The results are alot better. Overtime you will see a more permanent result, with fewer pubes that are very light and soft. Just be prepared for the odd tear in the eye when doing your balls though. Keen on the “Emjoi” though.

I shave it all, just got into a routine get pubes, balls and all then continue onto face. I use electric, so it’s pretty easy in the morning before shower. For me it cut down on the sweating itch during the summer.

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