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Sharing the Wealth

Sharing the Wealth

I know that this question has been asked on another PE forum but I wanted to hear the more experienced opinion on the subject.

Lets say like many of you here, you learned about PE and you found it works for you. Would you tell, your son? At what age would you tell him? Or maybe a younger/older brother.

How would you bring up the conversation?

Answer to your question

If my son were to ask me about his penis size, then I would discuss it. However, I do not think I would bring it up unless he were concerned about his penis size. It is somewhat of a personal matter to each of us and the best thing about sites like this is the we can be totally open and free with out comments knowing that our identities are totally confidential (I think). Anyway, that is my response. I think it would take a lot of internal fortitude to just bring up something like this without first being asked. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.


Ceck out my post directed to you……..


My son is going to be 15 next month, I kinda think about it I would like to give him every advantage in life that having a big dick would bring, but I worry more that he may hurt himself and be screwed for life. I think maybe in a year or two I will leave a pe site like this one in favorites on his computer or something along those lines maybe have one pop up while we are on line and act surprised and that will turn the conversation to PE. But maybe not.


Your son

I believe that you should give this a lot of thought. This is something that should be his personal decision and not something that you would suggest or encourage. If he comes to you and discusses it, that is a different story. And who knows, he may go through puberty and end up as the endowed king of your family. Good luck and the best to you for the holidays.

I agree with both of you, Dino and UC, to a point though.

A teenager these days knows a ton more stuff about sexuality, but not necessarily about the responsibility that comes with it, than, let’s say the teenies 15 years ago.

Dino, if you suspect further down the line that your son is concerned about his penis size, you as a father should jump in and find out what it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you what to do as a dad with your kid, I just remember how my old man handled things like that. Straight up and forward, no beating around the bush and no bullshitting. It was a cool thing because it raised the trust I had in my dad even more. I felt like no matter what it was, I could talk to him about it.

But leaving a PE link on his comp could backfire on you, since he might wonder where it came from and will probably feel violated in his privacy.

UC, I don’t agree with what you have said about the indentity and confidentiality in PE issues. Okay, given, here on the board everyone is pretty much anonymous, I don’t know anyone here, with a few exceptions, personally. But what goes on inside a family should be discussed openly. As a parent, I think, you have the right to know how your kids feel and what concerns them. Without intruding their lives too much, though. But I mostly agree with your post.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on that issue.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I see what you are alluding to.............

as I was trying to say in the post that I agree that what happens inside a family is as you say between the family members and any kid of mine who came to me and discussed this I would try to give him the best advice possible. My only concern would be that as a youth, he might be a tad too young to begin this type of program without first letting himself get to a full grown state. But other than that having been said, I seem to agree with you and most everyone else who posts here. There seems to be a very mature and understanding group on this board. A group that is willing to share ideas and learn from one another. I hope I can continue to learn from you and the rest of the men on this board. Kindes regards and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.

I agree.....

Nicely said, UC, I agree wholeheartedly. Best wishes to you, too.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


It’s a tuff call to make I wouldn’t even think of it for another year or so. We are pretty close we talk about sex and drugs and I try not to lose it when I find out something that bugs me out. I want him to tell me shit. I may never tell him about PE there is a good chance he will find out on his own I monitor his internet usage and he knows it. He can’t go on porn sites on our computer but some of his friends parents don’t have a clue so with all tha PE sites out there now he may find one on his own. My son was dating this little slut a year older and a lot more experienced and I asked him straight out are you having sex with this girl, I will go to the drug store and pick up some trojans for you it turns out she doesn’t fuck yet she just gives head. I was happy that this girl didn’t last to long and he is on to a new one”she was a pig”
Just taking the daddy thing one day at a time, I’m not looking forward to my daughter getting to be this age “GOD HELP ME!!”


I understand

You might want to refrain from using slang on the site. We know there are other words for what you are trying to describe. I wish you the very best in raising your children. I have been through the trying exercises with my kids. It is not fun. But I am sure since you appear to be a concerned parent that you will do everying you possibly can to see that your kids follow in your footsteps and do the right thing.

Dino, right on. I like the attitude and the approach you have. Well, Junior has to find out about girls in his own way, all you can do is give him assistance and lead him in the right direction (Trojans).

As far as the language goes here on this board, I don’t think Dino crossed the line there. The only thing I didn’t understand was that “she’s a pig” part. UC, we are a bunch of guys here and once in awhile words or “slang” language just slips out, or there’s no other way at the time of posting, to express your feelings in a different way. Happened to all of us, I guess.

Even the owner of this board does it from time to time. Knowingly? I don’t know (no pun).

But I’ll keep an eye out for excessive use of foul language. Hope that sits with you, Bro.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Sorry about the language I though it was a board with a bunch of guys talking open and honest about making our dicks oh sorry “penis” bigger. I will watch my language in order not to offend anybody out there I though this was an open forum sorry.
I honestly didn’t know that there was any rules about cursing.
As some of you guys know I’m a moderator on the other board and we have no rules about slang in fact we tend to enjoy colorful descriptions the only thing that we don’t like is pissing fights between members can I say pissing? and most of all trolls.
But on this board I will follow the slang rules.


What Board

What board do you moderate. Is it similar subject matter and are there any additional items that I could pick up. You never know when someone might have a little trick up their sleeve.

And, please I wasn’t trying to be a prude. I am just used to the word penis. I just feel it better serves the issues as they relate to this subject matter.

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