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Severely under-developed Corpus Spongiosum

Severely under-developed Corpus Spongiosum

….in relation to the overall width of the penis.

Should one alter the grip on jelqs, focusing primarily on the outer sides of the penis?

What about clamping, should the hinge be placed directly on the CS, or on the sides?

06/21/07 NBP = 7.75(tape) FSL = 7.875 EG = 5.00 Volume= 15.42

09/13/07 NBP = 8.375 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.38 Volume = 19.29 (+25%)

12/26/07 NBP = 8.625 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.50 Volume = 20.82 (+35%)

By design, only the distal end of the corpus spongiosum (that is the head of the penis) is suppose to be very hard, within the shaft it will never be as hard as the cavernosa. It does not have the strong investing layer, the tunica albugina. If it were, the urethra would be occluded and you and I wouldn’t be around because we as a species would have never successfully procreated. Concentrate on the cavernosa because that’s where you’ll obtain success.

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