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Severed Ligaments

Severed Ligaments

Anyone who has had fundiform, and suspensory ligaments surgically severed please chime in on what the effects are on stability, angle. What has the changes done in reference to penetration and force and pressure that has been lost. Any differance in movement back and forth, E.G. moving the erection back and forth, back into the pelvis? Please, experience is key.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle


"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Contempt for what Crashhex? You are talking about a procedure that only 3 members I remember have talked about experiencing and I don’t think any of them are active right now.

You may get lucky but you are dealing with a very small subset of potential respondees.

There out there. I recommended this site to a few prominent surgeons to look at. The weight hanging info is very valuable, is such, because all post op length requires hanging of some sort. Lurkers, the curious ect.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

amazing, the number of men that have had this procedure and the extreme lack of talking about it. Its funny, I got a personal message here a few weeks ago from a guy that had it done and now hes disappeared. There are only a handful of guys complaining about it online. Only a portion of these guys have actually had the surgery, the others are selling penis pills at the bottom of the page. I have seriously read every page from 5 search engines about every key word and aspect of the surgery. There are like I said only a handful of actual humans posting info of “experience.” For such a horrible surgery there seems to be a lack of real people that have had the surgery complaining of the procedure. Once they have had the surgery they dissapear. Like the yahoo surgery site with thousands of members, there are like 5 or so reflections on the surgery and only half of the 5 are complaining. these so called sites that explain what a tragedy this is, are again, usually selling something. The safe and effective method. Man what a disgrace.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Me thinks you judge others way too quickly.


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Do you see anybody singing its praises? I think the silence speaks for itself. I can’t believe they’re all too embarrassed to talk about it.


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I seem to remember that Pirate Steve had a bad experience with the surgery, problems with scar tissue or something, but reversed it later with PE. Or was that someone else?

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I’m with horsehung. If it was so great, they’d be talking about it all over the net. Somebody who had a bad experience is going to take his broken weinie & crawl in a whole. I sure would. I’m not saying all results are bad, but it sure makes me wonder.

I mentioned this surgery to a very close female friend once, including the part about greatly lowered erection angle. Her response? “Yuck!” That was even after I mentioned that gains up to 2” in length were possible. (I think that’s what they’re claiming, right?) Mrs RBM has had a similar reaction.

Besides, girth is at least as important, and ligament surgery does nothing for girth.


Or, there content and don’t care about posting about it, or how to this and that. They already have it.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

From what I’ve gathered reading PE forums for several years, snipping ligs usually doesn’t help much.

Pill sellers say to take their expensive pills, but you must also jelq and do other simple PE exercises.

Doc’s say you must pay for expensive surgery to snip or relocate your ligs, but then you must hang to get results.

Why not skip the BS front ends on these and either do manual PE and/or hang without paying for costly placebos?

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