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Set A Goal

Set A Goal

I finally decided to set myself a goal, for the new year. By mid May I would like to be 6.5x5. I am currently around 6x4.8. Do you think this is a reasonable goal with my current routine?

4 on 1 off
Length Day-5 min warm up, 15-20 min stretching, kegels
Girth Day-5 min warm up, 15-20 mins jelqing, 30 ulis, 30+ dry jelq, 5 min heat pad

I switch between length days and girth days every other day, so my average week would look like this:
Monday-Length, Tuesday-Girth, Wednesday-Length, Thursday-Girth, Friday-Off, Saturday-Length, Sunday-Girth, ect.

Do you think my goals are reasonable with the routine I am doing, or should I add something else into my routine?

I think your goal is fine and certainly attainable. Routines are personal. You must find what works best for you. Try it this way and see if it works. I would mix a small amount of girth into your length every time… and a small amount of length stretching into your girth routine… almost to prepare your dick for the coming day.

My routine changes every once in a while. It just feels right for me. I believe jelqing produces the most dramatic results for me but for some reason continue with extended stretching sessions.

It’s all part of learning about yourself. I started close to you at 5.75” bpel MAX and just over 5” girth… maybe 5-1/8” or 5-1/4” MAX…. not sure where I started for girth. But you will see gains if you stick to your routine and take it slow and steady. Don’t injure yourself (I have a cut on my dick that doesn’t want to heal… sex with wifey last night didn’t help either – hehehe). I missed a lot of days each month and still made nice gains. I would bet you will too!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

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