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Serious depression

For weights, orangutans work nicely. Just hook one or two up to your wench and they provide a nice variety of angle as they thrash about. Good for laughs, too, as they are quite cute, aren’t they? :D

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You actually want to be like Krowaz??

Originally posted by walter
It sounds to me like you are either lazy or you like feeling sorry for yourself.
If you really wanted a bigger dick you'd be putting more effort into getting it. Seriously, posts like this piss me off to no end.

“At 18 I'm still a virgin.”

Big deal, I was twenty two when I lost my virginity.

“Penis size as of 29/8/03:
7.5” BP length
5.5” Girth <<== measured wrong :P”

What are you complaining about? My current size is about this and I had to work my ass off to get it.

“As I'm still at school and have no job, I still live with my family. That consists of a mother, a father, and two very nosey siblings.”

I had four very nosey siblings and my mother. I wanted a big dick so bad that I told all of them that I have been spending a lot of time in the bathroom doing penis enlargement exercises. They laughed at me, but they left me alone. I've also done P.E. sessions in public bathrooms at school when I needed to.

“I'm at school until around about 4:00. I get home, and I've got tonnes of coursework to do. This totally blows. Once I've finished the coursework its about 22:00. So I have a quick shower, and watch a little TV.”

You spend five hours every single day doing homework? You are either overworking yourself or bullshitting us. If you wanted a big dick bad enough, you'd do your exercises rather than watch television.

Yeah. Thanks for the morale boost buddy.

Oh in case you didn’t notice, I was being SARCASTIC

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

Play nice boys, no low blows, no elbows. In fact no blows or bows at all.


He started it :P

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!


Being a virgin at 18 is not a terminal disease. Don’t treat it that way.

I would recommend that you do what Twatteaser said and acquire some social skills if you lack them or polish them if you have them. At the present time I think that would be of more use to you than PE.

I think Walter was too blunt, but I think he is right in that if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen.


Don’t beat yourself up, life will take care of that for you.

"Where was the Ka-Boom?! There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering Ka-Boom!"

Marvin the Martian

Mongoose, as Dr. Twat and PirateSteve have said, you should see about some professional help if it’s available to you. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s really no big deal. But your condition is, in part, chemical and you might need some help dealing with that imbalance while you address other aspects of your life. That may mean therapy, and it may mean drugs, but you got to deal with it. Don’t let years go by like I did.

Judging from the way you write, you’re a very intelligent 18 year old. I think you suffer from a sort of Curse of the Smart. Many guys here do. There’s hundreds of millions of men who go through life under worse conditions than you and I and they never give it a second thought and never even try. But you’re intelligent, and introspective, and you think a lot. And as you do, you can find yourself falling into a Spiraling Cycle of Suckatude, where you’re basically piling one shitty feeling on top of another like some big confusing scrum of crap. I remember feeling absolutely fucked when I was 18, and I really saw no hope of ever getting out of it.

But, I did. And for various reasons I’ve gone through a few more Suck Cycles in the subsequent decades and somehow muddled through. With that perspective, I now know that there is almost a predictability to it: there’s the shit coming down, then the feeling of being at the bottom of the pile. After a few days or weeks, or months, I start to sort through the confusion and determine what I have to accept, and what I can change. And then, after a while, I feel better and I’m that much more ready if I get stuck at the bottom of a pile of crap again. So, trite as it sounds, things will get better.

I suggest your situation may be less ominous if you figure out a few things you can actually do, rather than dwelling on those things you can’t address right now. As PS says, try new things. Martial arts maybe. See about a therapist, or at least talk to your family physician. If you don’t already, you should make time to exercise. And somehow you have to change those negative tapes that keep playing in your head about penis size, or virginity, or whatever.

As for your dick size, you are doing well already, but see what I wrote here a while ago: Ike - I must increase!

Finally, one PE technique you might try is the under the leg, or manual BTC stretch. I do them in bed with my wife a foot away and she doesn’t know. Just lie on your back with your knees up, reach around under your thigh, and grab your dick as far towards the base as possible, so you don’t have that glans grip problem you describe. Then pull. Another under the covers stretch is one of Doc’s Pogos (Doc’s Pogo’s) As you do the pogo, reach around behind your ass and pull your dick. It’s a good stretch.

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mongoose - you sound very similar to me.

I’m the age, location, same height and build. I had no real girlfriends until I hit 18. Girls had always said I was cute, but no-one ever approached me really. Turns out that it’s because they were too shy.

My penis is smaller than yours, and it was even smaller when I lost my virginity at 18 (6”x4.5”). The girl I lost it to didn’t mind, she didn’t even notice - she was more concerned that it was attached to me.

When losing your viriginity, make sure you don’t just do it for the sake of it. Do it because you really like the girl you’re going with, and she really likes you. In fact, forget the whole stigma of “virginity”, just treat it as sex. Then it doesn’t matter that it’s your first time. Oh, and don’t expect anything mind blowing the first time. Sex is like a sport, it takes a bit of practice to get good at.

I agree with Ike. Go see a doctor, or a therapist. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. Millions of people around the world need someone to talk to through their teenage years, and millions more don’t get it. You’re one of the lucky ones.

And hey, don’t let school or friends get you down. Look after number one, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and others will look after you :)

Listen, guys. Everyone’s coming into this thread teaching our boy mongoose that he needs to seek professional help, or that he needs to modify his day so that he can find time to workout his penis properly, etc.

But, let’s be practical. What you need to do is get either a solid gold Aston Martin or a Ducati of the same variety. Man, I remember when I was growing up that was all I wanted in the whole wide world. And then one day, when a mysterious stranger left one sitting in my driveway it was the happiest day of my whole life. My confidence shot up like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in my entire life. Well. Goodnight!

All playing aside, I’ve been in the same boat as yourself and am willing to help if you need it. Just a drop a pm or post here if you need anything. Don’t be shy, ya hear?

Re: Serious depression

Originally posted by mongoose2000
My life has taken a turn for the worse. I've just realised that I can't do PE. Therefore that means I am stuck with what I see as a small penis until I can at least afford pills or something along those lines.

Things get a hell of a lot worse though. At 18 I'm still a virgin.

Yes you can do PE. Realizing you can’t do PE, is not a fact, but just your own opinion. Things can always be worse. I lost my virginity at 19, with a penis size of 4.5x3.5.

So I've got two options. Give up now, and live with serious issues… or find something to do about it. But there is nothing I can see that would do anything to help. Its a case of I can't do PE.

You only have one option, if you want a big dick bad enough, and thats to figure how to make PE work for you. Pay attention to details in your mental approach and your technique to doing the exercise. We all stretch and jelq differently, the key is finding what works best for you. With enough effort, it can be done.

My body just won't let me. No matter how hard I try, its just not working. I'm talking about the actual process. I can't actually do it.

BS bro. Its not physical, its mental. Your body will let you, its your mind that won’t let you.

I wish I could do something about it, but everything I've tried doesn't work. The PE was a futile attempt at improving my mind. But now the PE doesn't work, I'm gonna have to reconsider my options.

You can do something about it. Try again, this time harder. Make PE work, it can be done.

Is PE really that important to you? What would make you happy?

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Well thanks people. I’ve taken most, if not all of your comments in, and I’m going to try to sort out this life. I’ve done a bit of the BTC since someone mentioned it, and I seem to be able to manage it. Only time will tell I guess.

But on a side note, I find I cannot do PE for a great deal of time. I hear about these dudes doing the stuff for hours at a time. All I can realistically manage is about 30 mins. But I have a problem with PE, patience and keeping erections off. For some reason whenever I try, I always end up erect, even after masturbation. Plus the fact my bro has just moved in makes it now impossible to stretch any other time than in the bathrooom/shower/bed.

30/07/2005: 8.2" BP length (measuring from top) 7.7" NBP Length (measuring from top) 5.3" Mid-Shaft Girth 6" Base Girth Target size: 9" NBP length 7" Girth __________________ Things are getting better... Go thunders!

If you’re getting erect, why fight it? There are plenty of useful execises you can do with an erection, expecially if you’re interested in girth.

Being depressed...

My GF just left me because she’s severly depressed. But I can’t blame her …it is a condition that no one wants to go through.

There’s nothing you can do, Goose, besides seeing a psychiatrist. He will determine what is going on with you and will prescribe some medication accordingly. Serotonin is what my GF is lacking,…big time…., it’s one of those “Happy-go-lucky” endorphins that your body produces. It could be that you have a lack of it or it could be more serious…go see a doc. Wellbutrin I heard is suppose to be very good.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Depression is no big deal, i went through it during my first 3 month in college, and i did something really stupid i dropped out, I use to have a GPA of 3.84 in high school and was considered a really hard working kid, I got into UC Davis and my parents were so so happy. During my time in college i was in deep depression, i thought i had nothing going for me, i didn’t want to go out of bed. Now looking back it was terrible but it took a few month to get through, i did and you will. There is a solution to any problem, if you don;t find yourself attractive enough you can have plastic surgery, if you don;t think you are tall enough you can have surgery, and i bet PE would work for you, if you want it bad enough you can find a way, my early PE days were in the bathroom for 30min a day, later it was in my community pool lounge, than it was at my friend’s house, and finally now i told my parents and said i PE and i want privacy in my room, they were cool about it.

Excuse my grammar, have sympathy for a man with a broken hand

Mongoose you sound like any healthy 18 year old who’s a bit shy with girls - just like I was, in fact. You’re full of rampaging testosterone, and nowhere to vent it except into your fist. Don’t worry! Some day soon you will wake up and find you have a girlfriend - it happens very suddenly - and life will never be the same again.

As for the PE, do what you can, don’t make it your only goal in life. If you’re in pain because of stretched skin you need to use a lube. You can still grip without hurting the skin, then.

Good Luck!

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