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Serious complication


Serious complication

I just wanted everyone with genital herpes to know that I believe PE has caused my current outbreak to be more severe than ever before. Since developing the tendancy to accumulate fluid by my circumcision scar through jelqing and uli’s, I now have a massive doughnut effect because of my current viral infection. I never experienced this type of swelling in the past during an infection, and I am quite sure it is because of my tendancy to accumulate fluid because of PE. Genital herpes sucks, but this added problem is making it worse than ever. If the swelling doesn’t subside soon, I fear I will have to make a trip to the emergency room, especially if it becomes difficult to urinate. Just thought everyone with this virus should be aware of the potential complication. It has been 2 weeks since my last girth session.

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Sounds really bad. I hope that you can find some rest, and thank you for sharing this valuable information.

I am a new member, so I don’t know exactly whether you told people your relationship status? I have once met a girl that told me that she had genital herpes. We were just friends. She said that it was not that easy for her to find a partner that she could elavate the relation to sexual level. And she was always honest to her partners.

It must be really a difficult experience to have STD and really care about not spreading it around…


I am married, and told my wife about the infection before we became sexually active. After several years, she did acquire the virus, unfortunately. Thanks for your concern, but the point I am trying to make here is that PE has made the symptoms of the outbreak worse.

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soflsun, I am sorry to hear of your problems. I think that when there is nothing that can be done medically, one should try alternative therapies to aleviate ailments. Such as accupuncture, Reiki, chikong, herbal remedies etc. The good thing about Reiki in particular is it seems to work for anything and everything going wrong.

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Hopefully once this current episode subsides you can find a less aggravating method of PE. As you probably know static tension such as hanging tends to bring with it less irritation and less skin related injury in general.
Girth is tough to acquire without inviting fluid buildup of some kind. Have you tried using a Uli Thing such as Bib’s? Increased girth can result from a rather passive internal expansion that is so much less stressful to the skin of the penis. Fluid buildup is certainly a possibility, but if used in moderation it might be easier to control this issue.


That really sounds like a shit deal, Solfsun- herpes definitely sucks ass, especially if you intend on using your new improved member for, well, sexual purposes.

Gottagrow may have a point about alternative therapies: Qigong is time-consuming and requires tremedous patience, and may only provide slight relief in the long run. Reiki is similar. Herbal remedies have been proven by the medical profession (shit, I don’t think I should be throwing that rather sensitive term around here!) to be at most as effective as pharmas. Acupuncture is based on Qigong, but will provide quicker (more regular) relief.

Capn makes a good point as well about alternative exercises: Uli’s sound good, since they may not provoke inflamation like jelquing would. You may also want to try an exercise that I used to perform a few years back, when I purchased a locally produced PE-manual. It goes something like this:

1) Pull foreskin back towards body with the tips of your fingers (using both hands)
2) Hold base of penis without releasing grip
3) Push skin on base of penis into body as far as possible
4) Release tension slowly and re-perform

Effectively, what you are doing is pumping the penis (manually).

This exercise is obviously not going to be as effective as jeqluing, but give it a try, because it did add about 1cm in length previously (for me, that is).

Hope this helps!



Do you have health insurance? I take acyclovir three times a day and haven’t had only one outbreak in 12 years, and I attribute that to a high dosage of l-arginine that I took. With my co-pay, the prescription costs 10 dollars a month.

chas you could be right about the l-arginine as it can cause break outs in cold sores aswel aparantly. If you have the disease that causes the outbreaks that is. If you don’t then I think l-arginine is fine to take.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Thanks for all of the concerned responses.

Captn, I think you are right about hanging being less traumatic for the soft tissues, when I heal I’m going to give it a try. I don’t quite understand why the Uli thing would create less fluid buildup, but I will definitely look into building one after I reach my length goals

Gottagrow & Baracus, thanks for your info on alternative therapies and less strenuous exercises, I will surely try them when I get better. In addition, I recently heard Mellissa herb is great for outbreaks of the virus.

Chas123, I have health insurance but no prescription plan. I paid $100 for my current medication, Valtrex, and it is the same ingredient as acyclovir. I don’t like the idea of suppressive therapy because I don’t want to place undue stress on my liver. Like I said, I normally don’t have severe outbreaks like this.

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can you still transmit the disease even if you don’t have an outbreak? … of topic I know, but where else would be better to ask?


Yikes. Condolences, man.

L-Lysine is supposed to help with keeping Herpies in remission.

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Outbreak is subsiding and swelling is barely noticeable. The lesion will probably take another 3-4 days to disappear completely.

You can transmit this disease even when not having an outbreak. Some people even carry the virus without ever noticing or having symptoms, but then giving it to others who might have terrible outbreaks. Current statistics purport that 1 of 5 people carry genital herpes. Wear condoms!

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That was a sobering story, and I sympathize with your plight (I don’t mean to offend you in the sense of “pity,” but I do feel bad that you’re going through this shit).

I think it should be a reminder to guys here - who are no doubt eager to use their bigger & better units - that there’s a lot of hostile microbes out there, so get yourself a box of Magums or XL Magnums and be safe.

Almost 1 year since this thread was started, and another outbreak of the virus. I had taken a long break, and then just one week after starting again…another set-back. The doughnut was quite severe again, and I am quite sure it is due to the jelqing. I think the trauma inflicted on my unit due to PE is a precipitating factor for my outbreaks. I believe that PE can cause an outbreak in someone with genital herpes; whereas normally it might not have occured at the current time.

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