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Serious complication


Rush, Rey, Tork, and others -

While I don’t have genital herpes, I have the oral form and I have found that Vitamin D in combination with fish oil supplements like Carlson’s Brand salmon oil that helps boost the immune system and cuts inflammation have been a great help. Also, I take an herbal adaptogenic formulation called Prime One that helps balance the endocrine system and alleviates stress. This combination of supplements is not an instantaneous “magic bullet” but, over time like 2-3 months of dosing following an episode, have proven to be of great benefit. In fact, after taking the fish oil and adaptogen regularly, blister episodes have disappeared. Prolonged exposure to sunlight (besides a burn) used to trigger fever blisters - but, I haven’t had an episode in a couple of years in spite of some serious beach time and a lot of pressure from business and other concerns.

Maybe these might help -

All the Best,


While I don’t have anything to add about treating herpes, I wanted to say, in response to some earlier posts in this thread, that you can definitely acquire herpes even when wearing a condom, so don’t feel too safe just because you’re having “safe sex”. The abstinence education crowd, as much as I may disagree with them about sex-education philosophy, are telling the truth when they say that viruses such as herpes and HPV can be spread even when a condom is present. Skin-to-skin contact of the relevant areas is all that's required. My policy is to not put my wang near any suspect genitals, unless I know for sure that the red bump is just an ingrown hair. (And yes, I realize that even if there is nothing visible, the virus can still be transmitted — but it’s a lot less likely. Similarly, it is less likely if you wear a condom — but still possible. Take as much precaution as you can.)


and if you guys want to know what he’s talking about in more depth, look into ‘Viral Shedding’ or ‘Asymptomatic Shedding’

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I’m not sure I understand the view about Viral Shedding.

Surely if this was taking place, then those suffering from the virus would have the virus breaking out continually, as ‘new’ viruses were created. If the virus is spread by skin to skin contact then this is always happening in the person who has the virus.

If the genital variety can be spreadd to the lips of another when they have oral sex, why cannot it be spread to other parts of the body

Why does this seemingly not happen?


Viral shedding doesn’t happen continuously, but it cannot be detected when it is happening. Basically, when you have an outbreak it is easy to notice and you know that you are contagious. When you are having asymptomatic shedding you are not aware of it, but at this time you are contagious as well. Everyone has the shedding who has the virus, but the frequency is different for everyone. My wife didn’t get the virus from me for over a year…I didn’t have sex with her at all during outbreaks.

One foot to go

Petifaun~ Don’t let Rushmore scare you senseless though. Viral Shedding does not ultimately mean you’re partner will get it. Viral Shedding is the worst the first few years you have it. But it slowly becomes less of an issue and after several years you are more likely to get hit by lightning than spread it without an outbreak. I have been to H forums where married women and men had married uninfected partners and not transmitted the disease for over 20 years of marriage.

Studies show that viral shedding is worst the first 3 years, but it’s likeliness of spreading is cut in half each of those years.

Year 1: 100%
Year 2: 50%
Year 3: 25%
Year 4: 12.5%
Year 5: 6.25%

Its pretty close to this ratio, so when I have the talk I tell the girl(note: I’ve had it 10 years) you’re chances of getting it, when I am asymptomatic are less than 1% without an outbreak, and honestly I have dated uninfected women for over a year and not passed it on. I know because I know these girls still after five years of breaking it off and they are fine.

But Rushmore is right, everyone’s different. I have a ‘mild’ case of it, some people due to other reasons, have it worse, or even better. It depends on your bodies immune system and response, and your levels of stress, exercise, and healthy living.

I don’t really stress much, I exercise decently, and occassionally eat my vegetables.

Hope this helps

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Well now comes the revelation.

I had GH for some 15 years. It was a very virulent form and happened nearly every week.

About 10 years ago after trying pretty nearly everyhting I could lay hands on to cure it. I tried some lime juice. (juice of a lime) and some 10% liquid betadine. This was on a blister about 3/16 inch wide and promised to be a real humdinger. The bllister had not broken and I used a cotton bud to put some lime juice on the blister and followed it with some Betadine. Next moring the blister was only faintly apparent, and normal skin was showing. It was a most unusual sight as you don’t often see blister reverting to normal skin. 24 hours later the blister had completely subsided and disappeared, with just a faint red mark on the skin to show where it had been

I had one or two smaller attacks after that and again used the combination. Then the attacks stopped, and I have not had an outbreak since.

I occasionally get the ‘stinging’ that goes with an attack but it never develops into an herpes attack.

I gave the theory of this in a thread on genital warts. but hope you don’t mind if I repeat it here.

I think it goes like this:

The lime juice penetrates the skin and removes the lipid covering from the virus - which is its protection. The betadine - a known virus killer can then attack the virus and zap it. At some point in the attack my system was able to sort out the make-up of the virus and my immune system now kills them as they try to become active (because to become active it has to shed its lipid covering.

That’s really the reason I raised the point aboaut shedding. If I have shedding when no virus is apparent would I get some reaction. (This poses an almost impossible question. If I do have shedding and my immune system kills the viruses off so they don’t develop I would still have the active virus But have I killed off all the viruses ‘at birth’ so no shedding can occur.

Anyway it worked for me and has given me a new lease of life sexually. but I’ve had no returnof GH.

Just to complete the virus story.

I used to suffer horrendously from colds, flu etc. Way back in 1968. I was just about to start a part time job and felt a cold coming on. This always happened with a sore throat etc which virtually stopped me eating it was so painful.

I was looking around the house for something to gargle with as the chemists had closed, and finally came across a bottle of liqueur, Green Chartreuse. It’s 55% volume alcohol.

As there was nothing else, I decided to gargle with that. The effect was pretty awful I coughed and some went into my lungs so that gave me a choking feeling. but it was over fairly quickly. - The eyes were a bit watery. The rest I swallowed.

This was about at 10pm I decided to go to bed and thought that the sore throat was a little easier, but put it down to the anaesthetic effect of the alcohol.

Next morning the sore thrat had completely gone, and I have not had a cold or flu since.
I don’t have flu injections but have no problems. This is in spite of now having a terrible cough brought on by an idiot dentist who sprayed some chemical down my throat, but even with that I still don’t catch colds. as I say that’s since 1986.

-Probably get a cold now!-

Again I suppose I had killed , or partly killed (the more likely) off some cold or flu virus and my immune system was able to find the antidote to it.

So. As far as I am concerned these two ‘incurable’ viruses are curable

I don’t feel there is anything dangerous about the items I used as they are ‘food’ quality.
The only trouble would be if someone was allergic to iodine as the Betadine is a ‘povidone iodine’

So that’s the story of my battle with the GH and colds/flu. Hope it might be of use.

One point. DO NOT use lime juice on an open sore it will delay the healing and could become septic. But should be ok on unbroken skin. In my earlier experiments I did this and had to have antibiotics to sort it out.

To rushmore:

Alternative therapies can help, but the best is a rational use of food and avoid stress.

Lysine acts against this virus. Take it. Foods that contains lysine:

Lean meat - chicken, fish, sheep, - milk, yogurt, cheese, leaven beer, eggs, white bean, potatoes, soybean, corn, broccoli,cauliflower.

Arginine support the virus, don’t take it. Foods that contains arginine must be avoided.

Nuts, peanuts, chocolate, gelatin, rice, oats, raisins, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, sesame seeds, whole bread, aubergine, guinea pepper, red pepper, tomatoes, chignons (mushroom), etc.

I hope this information might help.

Friendly, Bomkara.

A mistake: no “chignons” = champignons= mushroom.


I don’t have genital herpes but I contracted the oral strain from kissing an old girlfriend almost 20 years ago. I had an awful outbreak on my mouth that kept me out of school for a good week until things began to heal. I also looked at the entire realm of natural cures, everything from supplement cocktails to IV peroxide infusions from a naturopath clinic.

I picked up a copy of the book “Never an Outbreak” and the author had a good chapter on the antiviral properties of Garlic. I used to get a good 6-10 oral cold sore outbreaks per year until 1997 when I began taking Garlic. The brand that has worked for me was odorless, triple garlic from GNC. I initially started with two tablets, twice per day, everyday. From there I weaned myself down to one tablet in the morning and one after dinner and this is the point at which I determined was the minimum my body needed to stay cold sore free unless my lips got sunburned.

I have experimented with different brands and formulations but the GNC product never let me down. It costs about $15 to $20 for a 200ct bottle. I think that Garlic really does a lot of good and research is ongoing as to all its different health benefits. I tried acyclovir as supression in the early years as my oral outbreaks were really frequent and it didn’t do a thing for me. The Lysine is still used if one small outbreak happens due to sun exposure. I take 10 tablets three times per day for about two days and this seems to really put the breaks on the outbreak. It sounds like a lot of Lysine and it is but you have to take the stuff by the pound to get the desired effect.

The garlic could be having a good effect on my cholesterol as I had it checked recently and my total number was in the mid 140’s eating pretty much what I want.

Hope this helps Rushmore and anyone else who may not have tried this. I do not know what it will do for an asymptomatic outbreak and I guess the only way to really test it would be to have one sexual partner for a long time who knows your status and is uninfected and see what happens.

Did you find the herpes dating sites helpful? And does having sex with someone with herpes already have any affect on your current condition?Like can it cause outbreaks?


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