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Serious complication


how often do you get those outbreaks?

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You don’t take L-arginine do you?

Be good to your nads and they will be good to you……..

Hey what’s up Rushmore PM me for advice, I’ve had it for 10 years myself, and we could discuss.

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Although they used to come more frequently, I now seem to get outbreaks about once per year. Hopfully the frequency will continue to diminish.


I take arginine during breaks, but I had no trouble during that time. I take 500 mg of lysine per day as well, which is supposed to prevent herpes virus somewhat. I usually up to 1 gram of lysine while active pe’ing. Oh well.


Find a new forum and go fuck yourself. Thanks for the advice.


Thanks, I’ve had it almost 10 years as well, but since PE its been much worse. I’ll PM you.

One foot to go

I’m game either way.

Herpes sucks, so when someone that has it is looking for advice because of the mental and physical pain, and gets a comment like Calguy’s, who probably has no idea what we go through with this virus. I think its pretty justifiable, maybe Calguy was just playing around but obviously rushmore isn’t.

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Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

I will say that I have had several discussion with other members that share herpes and besides this being a penis forum it is pretty much a catch all for whatever goes through males and some females(as it relates to males) minds.

Sometimes its extremely hard to open up about things like this, and well rushmore probably over reacted, no that never happens here. lmao.

But on a positive note, I will say that hanging and jelqing has had no adverse effects on my Herpes. I can’t imagine swelling. Don’t you take an Prescription for it? I take Valtrex. That stuff rocks dude.

I hear if you get on a good heavy dosage of Valtrex it can obliviate outbreaks for good, you still have the virus, but the outbreaks stop.

I also hear lysine is awesome for H but arginine is not.

If you have H stay away from Chocolate, Peanuts, Sunburn, tight pants, and …and…hmmm that may be a good place to start…

If you have H and you want to talk about it, I know just about all there is to know about the subject. I’d be glad to help anyone out there that has it, and has been too timid to bring it up. Its nothing to be ashamed of.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base) (herpes dating site) this is the of herpes dating sites.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Calguy, sorry for the harsh comment. Think before you try to be funny in a thread like this.

Anyhow, Yeah I take Valtrex during my episodes 500mg tice a day for 3 days. You can take it for 5 days as well, but studies showed that mean healing time for the lesions was 4 days either way. I don’t like some of the side effects though, it feels like my blood presuure is higher when I am an it.

Also, the swelling is very bad. Since starting PE in August of ‘03, my two outbreaks have been very intense with monstor doughnuts. The initial episode is supposed to be the worst, but my last 2 outbreaks have rivaled my first. I get a massive doughnut, including swollen pee hole, for about 3 days. Also my glands in my legs (crease of my thighs) become very large and painful. Occasionally I also gat a very bad nerve pain that runs all the way down my left leg to my left foot…very painful and uncomfortable. I believe my outbreak last year caused some type of permanent nerve damage in my big toe of my left foot…since the outbreak is has remained colder than the other foot, and even tends to turn purpleish in cold weather. That is still the case a year later.

Doctors don’t seem to recognize that your nerves can actually be damageg from herpes, but I think they were in my case. The doughnut has only manifested since I developed one from PE, now the area is weaker and more prone to fluid buildup.

One foot to go

Brother I feel you here also.

Forget the PE for the moment, I would think addressing the outbreak should be your first concern.
And since PE’ing definitely does something to the nerves, I think I would lay off it until you’ve got the herpes under control.

I don’t have herpes, but about a year & half ago I had a bout of shingles that was a mother f*’r.
It started in my left thigh and spread to the left side of my sack, penis, and left butt cheek. I never got the sores from it - valtrex stopped it in it’s tracks - but talk about a burning. Ever try to sleep when your dick & sack feels like someones got a blow torch on them. It really sucks that you’re having side effects from the Valtrex, for me it was a god send. I could barely walk on my left leg for a couple of days.
About a month after the initial attack I started having another outbreak of shingles on my fore arms and left side. My a-hole doctor wouldn’t give me anymore Valtrex so I started researching my alternatives. I wasn’t about to put up with recurrences. This is what I found:

First, Arginine is an absolute no no!
Valtrex is best ( and the only “medically approved” treatment for any herpes related virus).
Lysine may be your saving grace here - worked for me with the shingles.
Apparently herpes and any related virus needs the amino acid Arginine to cell divide and reproduce. Valtrex and Lysine both work in the same manner by temporarily limiting or stopping your body’s production of Arginine. Since you already know you have the virus, taking additional Arginine for any reason would be like playing Russian roulette.
Since these virus’s are virus’s of the nerves, it’s important to severely limit or even cease your intake of anything that could excite the nerves - coffee, caffeine, soda, sugar, juices, chocolate, and certain spices and foods. At least until the outbreak subsides.

De-stress big time! for obvious reasons. I’m convinced my shingles were brought on by my high coffee consumption and the fact I was in the process of filing the papers after 20 years and 4 kids. I was a wreck. I had to get this area of my F*’d up life turned around fast.

Warm baths & sleep help also. It might be advantageous to see a VD “specialist” also instead of just a regular doctor. As they would be much more knowledgeable & compassionate. There are other complications that can occur as a result of having herpes (facial paralysis & blindness to name a few - think anywhere you have a nerve ending). Which brings me to my final point:

There’s a lot of social stigma attached to these sorts of afflictions and you probably feel like shit during an outbreak. But just because someone else didn’t have the social responsibility or self worth not to infect you, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON. Don’t let it fuck your life up.

Like I said, I really feel your pain here. I’ve had 3 acquaintances die from Aids and several others contract Hepatitis C over the last 10 years. One of them died as a result also. I also had one friend tell me about shedding warts out his dick (urethra) for 5 years after he came back from Korea. I’m not saying Herpes is anywhere near as f’d up as that shit is. Let the fact that herpes is a treatable condition be a source of inspiration for you.

Peace & good luck brother.

Tork has brought up some good points, in fact much of the foods and drinks and stress that make Herpes Outbreaks occur are mentioned above.

Most everyone that has had Herpes for over 10 years should be pretty aware of all these things, but I know that there are a lot of people in the world and even in Thunders that have it, and are too ashamed to admit it or talk about it. I remember when I first got it, I knew exactly who gave it to me. She had a choice to tell me, but she did not. Fucking Bitch. But now I have found cool herpes dating websites.

I also can tell you that I have tried other dating scenarios as well. Its hard to have what Herpes sufferers call “the talk” in fact many of us have joined these sites b/c the talk is such as stressful thing, it can in itself cause an outbreak. The talk basically is where you sit down with someone that you know and have been on a few dates with and can tell that its getting to that point where sex is inevitable. Problem is its a crap shoot, if you tell them, one of two things happen, they accept it and say its ok, or they get scared and you never see them again. I’ve had both happen, but thank God the former happens much more often than the latter. I’ve also not been one of monogahmy so I’ve had to have the talk a lot, and it never gets any easier.

For those of you that don’t have it, be glad you don’t. It can’t kill you but the outbreaks can hurt like a bitch and often last for 3 weeks to a month the first couple times you get them. Then after time they diminish, probably, fewer and fewer until your outbreaks only happen once or twice a year and for a few low pain days. The beginning is the absolute worst.

Some people get more outbreaks than others. Sometimes although it can’t be cured it can be permanently dorment through the right use of prescription and OTC. I have an outbreak maybe once every 18 months.

If anyone really has specific questions about Herpes or concerns, or think they might have it, this forum is the best place to bring it up and ask, b/c many of the people here are quite supportive and open minded.

And if you are too worried to share in here feel free to PM me.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)


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