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Ive noticed a huge decline in the sensitivity of my penis over the last few months so ive decided to do a few things to get that back, after all what good is a huge dick to you if you cant feel it? I am going to completly stop PE for a while and avoid all unneccisary touching. I will force myself to sleep on my back and shake it out a little more when I use the restroom. Any other advise would be nice.

What exercises have you been doing? Describe your loss of sensitivity. Is it the skin, shaft, head or a combination? A particular area? Did it come on abruptly or gradually?

I know that several members reported losing sensitivity after stretching too hard.


I went through a bout of that, brought on by hanging. My loss of sensitivity came on suddenly and was most apparent when erect. In my case the internal shaft went mostly numb, and the shaft skin felt as though I was wearing two condoms. And it stayed that way for several days. Not good.:( Sensitivity improved greatly with a few weeks of rest, but didn’t return to 100% for quite awhile.

I had to stop hanging for several months. Manual stretching didn’t worsen the condition, but hanging even one light set would bring on severe numbness. 3-4 months after the injury I was able to hang again, starting with short sets and light weight. I slowly crept back up to a decent working weight without trouble and managed to break out of my length plateau. Now my dick is at least as sensitive, probably moreso, than before I started PE.

Don’t despair. There is light at the end of the tunnel.:)

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That's bad???

Heeeey now….

Did you say you have ended up losing sensitivity on your dick from PE?

Originally posted by Doc
after all what good is a huge dick to you if you cant feel it?

For some people, the reverse is true as well, when you can feel TOO MUCH of it. Sure I SUPPOSE a huge dick that can’t feel anything inside a juicy cunt isn’t that good, but what about a huge dick that feels it all and busts in mere minutes?

Well I guess you’re not happy..but that would pretty much be a premature ejaculator’s dream.. :mwink:

Can you tell me how I can lose some sensitivity too?? :o

You dont want to loose it, insted work on ejaculation control with controled masterbation(stoping a few moments before you cum and starting again as many times as you can). Ive never had much sensitivity on my shaft but Ive lost it so much in my head where I cant ever get off.


I have always had increase sensitivity from PE, but it has been a controlled increase. What I mean is sex feels much better but I am able to control orgasm (WELL MOST OF THE TIME) Hopefully your time off will be productive and when you come back you can work in your regiment one exercise at a time to try and figure out what is responsible. I feel so bad for you.

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I usually get a little tender…sometimes very tender to the touch on my coronal ridge and it gets dry and cracked after an intense stretching session. I attribute this to using baby powder as a grip aid and having ruff calouses on my hands. Simple solution….I apply some Lubriderm lotion to the ridge after I’m done stretching and do no more intense stretching the rest of the day. It’s soft again by days end. That’s the only thing close to your problem I’ve experienced so far though. Maybe youre rubbing against your dorsal nerve somehow during your jelqing?? Just an idea. I remember exchanging messages with a guy a while back who was jelqing with his thumb on top and was experiencing a loss of feeling and a mild numbness in his glans. I advised he changed to a palm on top “ok” grip and his problem cleared up.

Re: Sensitivity

Originally posted by Doc
Any other advise would be nice.

Perhaps you could do some sort of massage in the area surrounding your penis to help blood flow, or even do some kind of hot rap, but not any stretching/jelqing, etc. Other than that laying off of it should help the most I would think.

Going for 9

Iv noticed some sensitivity lose in the head but at the same time im also lasting longer in bed and it still feels great so that cant be a bad thing.I must admit touching the head doesnt feel as good as it use to but i guess you cant have it all.

Im not getting any sensitivity back, but I think its more mental than physical. I am going to start back very light. I will do a hot wrap, 100 slow hand jelqs and another hot wrap.

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