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Senior Member? Well, you shouldn't have!

Senior Member? Well, you shouldn't have!

What can I say, Id like to thank all my Friend’s over a the Members pics section, and of course to SS for making it all possible and a big thank you to all my peeps out there.

No, really I know I should be making a thread about something interesting here, but It’s been such a long wait to post on “main” section, so I give you a thread written out of pure emotion.

My gains have been true and steady and the advice I’ve been given golden.

A big thank you to everyone here, and you can expect me to donate this to this forum for life!

Senior 17ml.

Uh, 17. Threads in Main must be related to actual PE. So you’d better add something quick about your routine or measured gains or something or Thunder will move this somewhere else.

PS - “Senior Member” is automatic. :)

I know it was meant to be a “over the top thread”, sorry, it probably will be removed that’s ok.

I was over emotional with tones of sarcasm.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Nah, I read it right after you posted it and thought it was cute. I am starting to wonder why I get the blame for most things around this place though…..

Because it’s usually you or one of your elves:) .

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

In only 4 months aswell, well done…..

Conscious effort to gain that 3/4 inch in length starts now! 21/07/09

(21/07/09) NBPEL 7.25, BPEL 7.5inch * 6inch EG.

(12/08/13) NBPEL 7.30, BPEL 7.9inch * 6.1inch EG


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