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semi vs erect girth

semi vs erect girth

When semi hard my girth is over 5 by 1/16-1/8 but when fully

erect I’m between 4 3/4 - 4 7/8 almost seems to get shrink

and I’m about 7 BP. I alternate a pump/jelq and jelq/squeeze

routine 4-5 x a week and get good expansion (close to 5 1/2).

Does anyone have a idea how to cement the 5 + girth. Ive been

at this for 2.5 yr now and I’m stuck at almost 7x5!

I think that’s due to the fact that all the blood hasn’t filled up the head.

Didnt think about that. Guess I was hoping someone would say
they notice the same thing and did X then gain 1/2 inch:-)
Here is my two main routine:

Pumping routine 1

100 wet j
1 30 second squeeze
6-10 minutes pumping
repeat 3 x and finish off with 100 wet jelq

Routine 2

50 wet jelq
1 30 second squeeze
repeat til I hit 400-500 jelq
and 8-10 squeeze

I’d like to stick to the pumping routine but have a family and privacy can be a issue then I’ll routine 2. I also stretch in the shower but really want to get the girth uo 5.25 then I’ll work on lenth again.
Any suggest from the Vets out there??

Sometime I think Id do better on a everyother day routine (A day then, off and then B day) cause I always get my best workout after a day off.

Do you do dry jelqs or pan squeezes I think they are called?

Never could get into dry jelq. Wish I could less mess.

Do you recommend them. What is Pam Squeezes?

Thunders has an echo?

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