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semi-inspirational: crotch watcher story

semi-inspirational: crotch watcher story

I guess this isn’t something I really notice a lot, but it was hard not to notice this the other night.

My gf and I were having dinner at her friend’s house. I had never met this friend of hers before, so obviously she hadn’t seen me either. She took rather kindly to me, and I just shrugged it off as politeness. But later when we were sitting down, she was sitting at a sofa across from me and I caught her staring between my legs. I was packing to the right, the room was warm, and I was getting good hang that day, so the outline of my willie and sack was very visible. I saw her a couple more times doing it, and even though the room was warm her nipples were visibly very hard under her t-shirt. One final time she was staring again, and my gf caught her staring and went off on her big time. :D

Pre PE, I was normally around 3” flaccid and I wouldn’t have even been visible under my clothes. Now, depending on conditions, I range from 4.5-5.5 and hang much better. And it does make a difference :)


Way to make um jealous :)

I envy you


I think that is a very inspirational story! I bet it made you feel great. I think that actualy getting results that are so noticeble make it all worth it. You gotta love those girlfriends to that were with you before you had gains. They are true blue ladys you can count on! Great job :water:


I want to hear more about what your GF said to her friend!! did she totally bust her by saying she caught her staring?

Love the story man, keep up the good work!!

All I know is that the gf cut her eyes toward the friend very hatefully, and when the friend noticed she had gotten caught, gf basically said she needed to find something else to look at. But when I left the room to pee I know she went off. We all left pretty shortly after that and I don’t think they’ve talked since. I dont’ know what was said and I didn’t ask since I feel like I sort of instigated the whole thing. But it was fun though :D

On the subject of “past” gf’s, an old gf from about 5 years ago is moving back to my town next month. She was pretty average looking then but she sent me a picture a year ago and she is HOT now. It might be fun to shock her with my increase. :D :D

She needs to see the NEW Size!!!

You should go dancing with her and do the rub up against her thing that works so well for our buddy Dance. LOL

LOL hugeness lol

Gee, man that’s a beaut story - with a little more imagination quite an erotic story could be made from all this. (I’m not doubting you).

The gf should have told her friend - you may look but don’t you dare touch!! Guess jealousy can creat some embarrasing momments!

You must lead an interesting life!!!!

Health is Wealth

Hey Thunder… are you speaking from experience?

You guys are all a bunch of damn studs!!!


With a few minor differences, a house party (dam am I old), I knew the “watcher” somewhat, the girlfriend and the “watcher” stayed friends. Yes, being the slut that I was back then, when she called (it took a few calls from her and some bullshitting from me), I went for it. Quite a few times, in fact. Now I can’t remember why I stopped.


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