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Self examination find, is it common?

Self examination find, is it common?

This issue comes to thought from time to time, I’ve never seen any info here and thought i would see if it is common amonst us. Basically the CC’s invade the head area and it is quite different than it used to be, I’ve noticed this for a while. I’ve included an attempt to draw it, please pardon the poopy use of paint.

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Unless I misunderstand you I don’t think the CC’s are invading the head.

If you think of that area as the neck underneath the head I believe it’s just better developed CC’s.

The area under my glands is a lot more pronounced now, especially if you look at it from the side.

I notice it from the top view, but from there I call it the shoulders.

I do exercises to increase my glands, but I can’t seem get my head larger than the shaft.

Are you sure this is how Mr. Ed started?

Odd Mr. Nine. I’ll be anxious to hear what the vets have to say :-)


Thanks for the response, I think you have misunderstood. When I press on the glans, I am pressing on the two CC’s, furthermore, the CC’s are into about 80% of the glans. I am not complaining at all, I agree that the CC’s surely are better developed.

As far as excersises to increase the glans you will have to concentrate on the CS. I do this if I get excited to take pressure off of other areas, but alone I think doing excersises to increase the glans is a waste of time. I do think they can be enlarged, mine surely has but I think it was done while doing other common things.

You guys don’t flood the servers with responses now. :)

Id like to hear more on this also?

I guess I’m still trying to figure what the issue is, 9. From your illustration, the CCs are not distorting the head at all; my read is that they have expanded in their capacity (a good thing) and now more snugly bunch up against the head. Certainly the CCs do also fit up under the head a bit, too, no matter what our configuration is.

You see this as a good, or a bad thing I guess I’m asking?



Avocet8, thanks, I see it as a good thing really. I haven’t seen much on this, I was thinking with as much “panicking” some do here, it would be brought up. My glans used to just harden because of blood, now they harden with blood and the expanded capacity of the CC’s, I was just curious if anyone else noticed.

It is no issue at all, just an attempt to bounce back experiences. :)

:horse: Yes, it surprises me also, does anyone else have a normal cock? Thanks a lot, Piet. Hell, I guess im a victim of looking at shitty anatomy drawings. There are a lot of things I don’t know, I’m just a peter squeezer. :)

Can I nominate this as my Turd Of The Year Thread? How many are we allowed before Big Daddy get us?



Sorry, but rules are rules.

Just kidding……

There are no stupid questions.

Only stupid answers.

Are you sure this is how Mr. Ed started?


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